11 Mukhi Rudraksha

Facts related to a 11 Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • Blessed by Lord Hanuman: This bead is blessed by Lord Hanuman, so it provides strength to the wearer.
  • Provides power to control senses:It is said that this rudraksha has control on all the six senses.
  • Controls the physical senses– This bead is helpful for meditation purposes.
  • Also blessed by Lord Indra– It brings good luck and confers leadership traits.
  • Prevents untimely death– It provides happiness and victory and protects the wearer.
  • 11 Rudras are present in it: This bead is the most powerful amongst the others.


Fig- 11 Mukhi Rudraksha

A 11 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Hanuman also called EKADASH RUDRA. This bead is governed by all the planets of the solar system or we can say that it rules all the planets. It is the only rudraksha which rules all of the planets. The mantra to be chanted before wearing a 11 mukhi rudraksha is- “OM HREEM HUM NAMAH.”. One should chant this mantra 9 times while doing japa before wearing the rudraksha.

As the bead is also blessed by Lord Indra, hence it brings the good luck and fortune in the life of a wearer.  It is also said that this confers leadership qualities and it gives power to control all the 11 senses including five physical, five governing senses and one controlling heart or mind. All the 11 Rudras are also present in this bead. One can understand this by the following story. 

Once the DEVAS were defeated by the ASURAS and they ran to saint Kashyap to protect them. For the welfare of the LORD, saint Kashyap went to Kashi and prayed to Lord SHIVA and meditated for years  to impress him. Shiva persuaded Saint Kashyap that he will protect Devas. Shiva gave 11 Rudras to sage KASHYAP as his offspring, hence they defeated the demons and offered total sanctuary to the Devas. Hence it is said that this bead is habitation to the 11 Rudras.

Benefits of a 11 Mukhi Rudraksha:

It offers protection to the wearer and makes him fearless and gain prosperity in life. It is also beneficial for meditation purposes and to focus on yoga. This bead is also good for decision making and it has control on all the six senses. This bead is mostly beneficial when someone wears it on the top knot (shikha), also called the brain point of the body.

The wearer of this bead feels power in him and becomes charismatic. For the people involved in yogic and tantric fields, this bead is very beneficial as it takes care of one’s health. This bead is also useful from a medicinal point of view as it is helpful for stomach disorders and breast diseases and sometimes beneficial for liver diseases.

Finishing the blog on a 11 MUKHI Rudraksha, I would recommend my readers to wear the bead if feeling these disorders in their lives. Help yourself get under the shelter of the God of truth and his words- LORD HANUMAN.

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