27 March 2024 Muhurat Panchang Read today’s Sunrise, Moonrise

27 March 2024 Muhurat Panchang Read today's Sunrise, Moonrise

March 27th, 2024 II Sunrise and Sunset Timings II Panchang II Samvat II Rashi and Nakshatra Positions II Shubh Ashubh Timings II Muhurt & Panchang for 27 March 2024

MARCH 27TH, 2024: Aligning with Celestial Rhythms through Panchang Insights

Read This Muhurat And Panchang In Hindi

Sunrise and Sunset Timings

  • Sunrise: 06:17 AM – Ushering in a new day.
  • Sunset: 06:36 PM – Marking the end of the day.

Moonrise and Moonset Timings

  • Moonrise: 08:31 PM – The moon ascends into the night sky.
  • Moonset: 07:13 AM (March 28) – The moon sets below the horizon.

Panchang Details

  • Tithi: Dwitiya up to 05:06 PM (Krishna Dwitiya), Krishna Tritiya thereafter – Lunar phases of the waning fortnight.
  • Nakshatra: Chitra up to 04:16 PM, Swati thereafter – The lunar mansion influencing the day.
  • Karana: Garaja up to 05:06 PM – A sub-division of a tithi.
  • Yoga: Vyaghata up to 10:54 PM – A combination of lunar and solar day influencing activities.
  • Weekday: Budhawara – Day of Mercury.
  • Paksha: Krishna Paksha – The waning fortnight of the lunar cycle.

Lunar Month and Samvat Systems

  • Shaka Samvat: marked by the year 1945 Shobhakrit.
  • Chandramasa: Chaitra – Purnimanta – Month based on lunar cycles (Full moon as reference).
  • Vikram Samvat: 2081 Pingala, Phalguna – Amanta – Another Hindu calendar era (New moon as reference).
  • Gujarati Samvat: 2080 Rakshasa – Yet another Hindu calendar system.

Rashi and Nakshatra Positions

  • Moon sign: Tula – The zodiac sign occupied by the moon.
  • Nakshatra Pada:
    • Chitra up to 09:37 AM (Third Nakshatra Pada)
    • Chitra up to 04:16 PM (Fourth Nakshatra Pada)
  • Sun sign: Meena – Representing its position in the astrological system..
  • Surya Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada up to 11:03 PM, Swati thereafter
  • Surya Pada:
    • Uttara Bhadrapada up to 11:03 PM (Third Nakshatra Pada)
    • Swati up to 05:30 AM, March 28 (Second Nakshatra Pada)

Auspicious Timings for Activities

  • Brahma Muhurta: 04:43 AM to 05:30 AM – Considered an ideal time for spiritual activities.
  • Pratah Sandhya: 05:07 AM to 06:17 AM – The morning twilight, suitable for prayers.
  • Vijaya Muhurta: 02:30 PM to 03:19 PM – A time for achieving victory or success.
  • Godhuli Muhurta: 06:35 PM to 06:59 PM – The cow’s twilight, suitable for offering prayers.
  • Sayahna Sandhya: 06:36 PM to 07:46 PM – The evening twilight.
  • Amrit Kalam: 09:08 AM to 10:55 AM – An extremely beneficial period.
  • Nishita Muhurta: 12:03 AM, March 28 to 12:49 AM, March 28 – The midnight auspicious time.

Inauspicious Timings to Avoid: Navigate Challenges with Awareness

  • Rahu Kalam (12:27 PM to 01:59 PM): Exercise caution during this time ruled by the shadowy planet Rahu. Avoid important decisions, financial transactions, or beginnings of new ventures.
  • Yamaganda (07:49 AM to 09:22 AM): Associated with the lord of death, Yama, this period is best for introspection or routine tasks. Avoid major undertakings or travel during this time.
  • Aadal Yoga (06:17 AM to 04:16 PM): This yoga can bring obstacles and delays. If possible, reschedule important meetings or negotiations for a more favorable time.
  • Vidaal Yoga (04:16 PM to 06:15 AM, March 28): Similar to Aadal Yoga, Vidaal Yoga signifies potential challenges and roadblocks. Opt for less critical tasks during this period.
  • Dur Muhurtam (12:02 PM to 12:51 PM): Considered inauspicious for new beginnings, postpone starting new projects or ventures during this time.
  • Gulikai Kalam (10:54 AM to 12:27 PM): A period with negative influences, avoid critical tasks, negotiations, or starting new endeavors during this window.
  • Varjyam (10:25 PM to 12:10 AM, March 28): Refrain from social engagements, travel, or important activities during this period.

Baana Roga (from 02:58 PM to Full Night): Avoid activities involving fire or intense heat during this time, as it’s associated with potential health issues.