Agnipath Scheme- A Golden Opportunity

Agnipath Scheme

Agnipath Scheme is a new HR methodology which is introduced in the Armed Forces. The candidates selected under this scheme will be called “Agniveers”. 

Agniveers are selected to serve the Indian Air Force (IAF) for four years.

It is a golden opportunity for Indian youth to experience military life without having to make a long term commitment.

Four years of active service provides the Agniveers with the much required time to resolve self-consciousness if any. It enables them to decide upon Indian Armed Forces as a permanent career option. 

Agnipath Scheme gives the IAF an opportunity to tap and attract the best talent available in the country. A short tenure will promote the qualities of leadership, patriotism, determination, discipline, maturity, courage, camaraderie, orderliness, and sense of time management. 

Today, the youth of our country possess higher education and also possess a higher exposure to technology as compared to early times. 

Apart from general population the scheme will also enroll ITI students, National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) candidates and National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadets also. 

They ensure that Agniveer will have a better starting point and are more compatible to the technology intensive needs of the Indian Air Force.

In future, Agniveer who would join IAF as regular cadre would require less time for settling down. Certain percent of the Agniveers will get the opportunity to re-enroll themselves into regular cadre. Remaining Agniveers would be joining civil life to pursue their career in other organizations. 

The Seva Nidhi approx 10.4 Lakh would aid Agniveers to settle and lead a decent lifestyle.

We are proud that we have been chosen as flag bearers to train and motivate youth and contribute towards the overall betterment of the nation