Akalber (Datisca Cannabina)- Health Benefits


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) about 11% of the 252 drugs entirely originated from plants. Now, people are considering herbal medicine over synthetic drugs. As we all know that ayurvedic medicine is much safer and more reliable than synthetic drugs. You may have heard about the herbs capable of helping patients of cancer like Gotu Kola. This article contains information about a similar but rare herb having anti-cancer properties. This herb is named as Akalber.

Botanical NameDatisca Cannabina
Other NamesIt is known by the names given below :-
Hindi – Akalber, Bhangjal, Drinkhari, Sidasu.
Kashmir – Kalbir, Vajrabal
Akalber benefitsIt has many benefits :-
1. Good for heart
2. Helps in Cancer
3. Remedy for malaria
4. Anti-inflammatory medicine
5. Improves Athletic performance.

What is Akalber ?

Akalber uses

Akalber (Datisca cannabina) is a medicinally important plant. The plant is found in tropical and subtropical western Himalaya, from Kashmir to Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. According to IUCN red list data 1997 and version 3.1 (2001) this species is put under the endangered category. The whole plant is used for the extraction of natural dye as well as used medicinally as diuretic, febrifuge purgative and sedative and laxative.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Akalber used for ?

It is used for fighting against cancer, malaria, inflammation, and a variety of infectious diseases. They also have neuroprotective and cardio-protective effects.

Is Akalber good for the heart ?

Yes, it is good for the heart as it has cardioprotective properties. 

Is Akaber good for athletes ?

Yes, it is good for athletes as it is known for improving athletic performances.

Can Akalber help in malaria ?

Yes, it is good for the patients suffering from malaria as it is a known remedy for malaria. 

Can Akalber help in inflammation ?

Yes, it is food for relieving inflammation as it has alkaloids in it which are anti- inflammatory agents.

Akalber benefits  

Akalber Benefits

Good for the heart :- It has an abundance of alkaloids which are valuable medicinal agents. They help in treating diseases like cardiac dysfunction. They are important chemical compounds that serve as a rich reservoir for drug discovery. Their cardiovascular properties made them a good choice for heart patients.

Helps in cancer :- The presence of Alkaloids, Terpenoids, flavonoids made it a precious anticancer herb. The alkaloids Vinblastine, vinorelbine, vincristine, and vindesine have already been successfully developed as anticancer drugs. The terpenoids are useful in the prevention and therapy of several diseases, including cancer. 

Remedy for malaria :- They can be a great remedy for malaria because of the presence of terpenoids. Akalber have pharmacological and biological activities and are, therefore, interesting for medicine and biotechnology. Terpenoids are biologically active and fight against cancer, malaria.

Anti-inflammatory medicine :- The alkaloids present in the Aklaber is an anti-inflammatory agent. These herbs exhibit anti-bacterial, anti-viral, insecticidal and anti-metastatic effects. The cytokines, lipid mediators, histamine, and enzymes are involved in the inflammatory response.

Improves athletic performance :- The protein and amino acids present in it helps to improve athletic performance. They are vital for functions throughout your body, including protein synthesis, tissue repair, and nutrient absorption. Some may also help prevent muscle loss, support recovery after surgery, and improve mood, sleep, and athletic performance.


Aklaber is an important herb in Ayurveda. They contain Alkaloid, Carbohydrate, Protein and amino acid, Phenolic compounds, Flavonoids, Terpenoids in them. They have pharmacological and biological activities and are, therefore, interesting for medicine and biotechnology. Akalber have numerous benefits but being an anti-cancer herb makes it an important herb for research.

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