All about the Destiny Number 1

Destiny Number 1

If you are born on the date 01, 10, 19, 28, then you should read this article. This article contains all information about the personality of Destiny Number 1.

Lets begin with the summary of Destiny Number 1

Ruling Planet:Sun
Body Organs:Heart and Eyes
Ailments:Diseases related to heart & eyes, High Blood Pressure
Compatible Numbers:2,3,5,9
Lucky Colors:Golden, Yellow, Bronze, Peach, Orange
Lucky Gemstone:Ruby Ruby Ring
Substitutes:Star Ruby, Garnet, Red Agate, and Red Zircon
Lucky Metal:Copper

The positive traits of Destiny Number 1 are as follows :

  1. Leadership and Authoritative :- If You are Number 1, you might have noticed that you are very strongly individualistic and often work above the herd. Your leadership qualities make you an authoritative person.
  2. Aggressive and Independent :- You are sort of aggressive towards reaching your goal. Don’t misunderstand yourself, you are aggressive in a good way. Being aggressive makes you devote yourself to the work and that’s a good quality.  
  3. Intelligence, Inventive and Creative :- Of course you’re intelligent, and creative. You possess a great quality of being inventive means you love to invent new things. You are always itching to learn new things and elaborate your knowledge. You might have a habit of reading or exploring the internet for new exciting things.
  4. Courage, Pride and Original :- You are courageous to take the initiative in your own hand. Your pride makes you an original person. You never try to copy things, you are courageous and prideful enough to make a new path for yourself.
  5. Methodical and Positive :- You always try to find new and inventive methods to deal with your problem. Your best quality is that you are extremely positive in your approach towards your dream.  

Now, there are some of those qualities which you should beware of. You must try to overcome these qualities because if you will, there is no obstacle you can’t overcome. And your success will be inevitable.

Avoid these negative traits as much as possible :

  1. Stubborn :- This is a quality which is a by-product of your courage and pride. As a prideful and authoritative person you will be stubborn a few times. But if you will be open to others’ thoughts you will overcome it easily. 
  2. Dominating :- You are a dominating person, this is something you might have heard from your friends or family. But you should not be dominating others aggressively. You are capable enough to dominate others by your intelligence and grace. You don’t need aggression to dominate others but if you feel like being aggressive just try to calm yourself.
  3. Demanding and Selfish :- Since you are an authoritative person, being demanding is not bad as long as you are thinking about the welfare of everyone. Try to use your selfishness for good. Try to be selfish for the happiness of others, you must be a leader not a boss.
  4. Egoistic, cold or Tactless :- See, being prideful is a good quality but there’s a fine line between being prideful and egoistic. Remember to be prideful, not hurtful to others. 
  5. Hypersensitive :- You might be hypersensitive which of course leads to you being selfish, egoistic dominating. Hypersensitive means to get offended easily, and this leads to a negative impact on your personality. But you can overcome it easily by being calm.  

Professions and career advices for Number 1 :-

Due to your nature of leadership, creativity, and innovative ideas. You are capable of doing almost everything.

The following careers will suit you :-

  1. Engineer
  2. Designer
  3. Administration
  4. Planning
  5. Teacher
  6. Author
  7. Musician
  8. Chiefs of Societies
  9. Sports
  10. Training
  11. Journalism
  12. Medical Field
  13. Surgery
  14. Advertising
  15. Spiritual Leader
  16. Leader
  17. Actor in Films, Television
  18. Interior Decorator
  19. Jewelry designing
  20. Independent Business

Financial Capabilities :-

You are generally financially well supported. It is very rare that a person like you is poor. However there is a bad habit of gambling and overspending that can make you poor. So you must avoid it. It is said that even if you are not wealthy, your lifestyle makes others believe that you are rich.

Precautions for You :-

If you want to reach your highest potential you must follow some small precautions. They are as follows :-

  1. You should avoid overspending as it may lead to trouble with your finances.
  2. You should avoid gambling and speculation as it may lead to heavy losses and poverty.
  3. Your trait of being independent can be a disadvantage to you if you do not do it in a moderate way. 
  4. You might be a risky person so try to take risks in a way that doesn’t invite danger to your doorstep.
  5. You must not forget moral parameters in inordinate attractions. They may lead to the fall of your reputation among others.