Amalgamation Of Science in the Lord Shiva’s Dance as “Nataraja”


“Nataraja” is the form of Lord Shiva, one of three primary deities in the Hindu mythology. As “Nataraja” , Shiva Symbolises the cosmic dance of creation and destruction.

The CERN is one of the greatest scientific research centres in the world and has a statue of Shiva as Natraja. 

Natraja at CERN
Natraja Statue at CERN

The dance of Nataraja represents a phenomena taking place within us at the atomic level.

A famous physicist, Fritjot Capra explains that hundreds of years ago, Indian artists created the visual images of the patterns of the cosmic dance as Shiva’s dance as “Nataraja”. Today’s scientists require the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of cosmic dance.

The physicist of “Tao Of Physics” which was published in 1975 explained that the Dance Of Shiva symbolises the basis of all existence. Shiva also reminds us that the world is ever changing and it is not fundamental.

According to Quantum field theory, the basis of the very existence of matter is the dance of creation and destruction.

Modern Physics have thus revealed that every subatomic particle performs a pulsating process of creation and destruction. For Modern Physics, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter, the basis of all existence and all natural phenomena.

Popular scientist Carl Sagan said through his show Cosmos. He explained that Cosmos itself goes under an immense and infinite number of deaths and rebirths.

All of the above observations indicate that Hinduism had a high level of science. Every thing written in the inscriptions of Hindus have a deeper meaning to it. Hinduism proved the cosmic dance several thousand years ago and even depicted it. Modern scientists require modern advanced technology to depict it.