Best Place to visit in India during Holi

Best Places in India to visit During Holi

If you ask me about the best time to visit India, I would suggest you visit India during its most celebrated festivals. If you want to visit India at a time when there is no chilling weather and no scorching heat. I would suggest you visit India during Mid February and Early March. Many people visit India during these times not only because of weather but also for the sight of the festival of colors Holi.

If you are visiting India during holi you can watch Holika Dahan, guzzling bhang thandai (a refreshing milk and saffron drink infused with dry fruits) or gorging on bhang pakoras (fritters), DJ parties, and musical performances which will set the Holi mood. Temple rituals, colorful parades, and royal celebrations all collectively make Holi celebrations in India something to travel for from far and wide. No wonder India witnesses a huge influx of international tourists during Holi.

It will bathe your heart with the color of happiness. If you want to explore various parts of India for Holi, here are the best places for Holi celebration in India that you should check out.

Spiritual tourism in India

Holi in Mathura 

Mathura Holi

Being the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Holi in Mathura is glorified. After all, why won’t a place be famous for the festival that has its roots there? Mathura is the place that holds the evidence of Lord Krishna’s Miracles and is largely sought after by the devotees. Temples in Mathura host elaborate events to celebrate the festival. Some of these are the most spectacular and grandest Holi celebrations in India.

Being a part of these festivities is a lifetime experience. The colorful Holi procession commences late noon from Vishram Ghat and finishes near Holi Gate. The major attraction for Holi celebrations is the Dwarkadheesh Temple, where teeming devotees gather on the morning of Holi. They delight in the festive fervor with music and dance and a chant in a gulal-infused environment. Sri Krishna Janmasthan temple holds a famous show in the week before Holi. Do visit Mathura to see the beauty of this Indian festival.

Holi in Vrindavan

Vrindavan Holi

Being the Lord Krishna’s playland – Vrindavan, is highly revered by Hindus and frequented all through the year. Holi in Vrindavan is an occasion that receives a huge influx of Vaishnavas. The epicenter of the Holi celebrations in Vrindavan is Banke Bihari Temple. The merriment continues for a week, commencing with flower splashes or Phoolon ki Holi, proceeds with Widows Holi, and concludes with a riot of colors a day before Holi. You will find people bathed in different colors in this Krishna-obsessed town.

The Gopinath Temple is another prime attraction that witnesses the unique color play by widows. A whopping amount of marigold flowers with clouds of gulal make the scene beautifully unreal, somewhat like a live picture! Krishna’s devotional songs add to the charm of Vrindavan Holi. Don’t miss out on this marvelous sight, and do visit Vrindavan for such an amazing Holi bash! This will be your best trip to Vrindavan.

Holi in Barsana

Barsana Holi

Barsana is among the top places for Holi celebrations in India. Holi celebrations in Barsana are also known as Lathmar Holi that intrigue people. This is the Holi festival celebration with a twist where men need to safeguard themselves from the playful beatings by women. Women from Barsana and Nandgaon – the two suburbs of Mathura — beat men with sticks, while men have to protect themselves from the hits under shields. Lathmar Holi takes place a week before the main Holi day. In 2023, Holi will take place from 2nd March 2023 to 10th March 2023 in Barsana and Nandgaon on 12th March 2023.

These suburbs of Mathura are witness to the love story of Krishna and Radha. As per the legends, Krishna was jealous of Radha’s fair complexion as he was dusky. So, he used to paint her face with colors to maintain that there is no skin tone difference between them. He used to visit Barsana from Nandgaon with his friends to color Radha and her friends. 

In the playful affair, the ladies used to beat the men with sticks. This became a tradition, which is now known as Lathmar Holi. Apart from Lathmar Holi in Barsana, also partake in the sweet festivity – Laddoo Holi at Shriji Temple, which will be held on 8th March in 2023.

Holi in Agra

Agra Holi

Apart from being the home of the seventh wonder of the world-Taj Mahal. Agra’s holi sets the city at the pinnacle of enthusiasm. Partying, dancing, savoring sweets and another fare, and making merry knows no bounds. Colorful parades with folk songs highlight the Holi celebrations in Agra.

Like any other destinations in India, Holi begins with the bonfire on the full moon night. The traditional bonfire symbolizes the warding off evil spirits and bad omens. Thereby signifying the burning of Holika. The following day, people enjoy colors, and in the evening, people greet each other at Holi mela or by visiting each other’s houses.

Holi in Udaipur

Udaipur Holi

Wanna experience royal style holi, then visit Udaipur during holi. Holi is an imperial affair in Udaipur that involves the participation of the royal family. The celebrations begin with Holika dahan, where the local Maharaj lights the ceremonial bonfire. This is known as Mewar Holika dahan. Next, the locals perform ‘Gair’- a folk dance, around the bonfire. After that, a royal procession takes off from Shambhu Niwas Palace and concludes at Manek Chowk royal residence. The royals are seated on bedecked elephants, horses, and camels in the parade, accompanied by the royal music band. The palace now serves cocktails and dinner to its guests. Finally, the celebration culminates with amazing fireworks.

The next day people rejoice with the play of colors. Traditional sweets are prepared in households, and people enjoy sharing the sweetness of the festival. The festivities are not confined to the royal palace and Manek Chowk but also to the narrow alleys of the city. Overall, the Holi celebration in Udaipur is an experience to be a part of.

Holi in Jaipur

jaipur Holi

Pink City of India becomes the rainbow of colors during holi. Gala celebration at the royal palace is the highlight of holi in Jaipur. It is organized by the royal family to support local charities. The old Khasa Kothi Hotel organizes functions with support from the local tourism office. Programs here include customary Rajasthani folk music and dance along with a decent gulal play. At the Govind Dev Ji Temple in the City Palace, a devotional atmosphere is created, where idols of Krishna and Radha are offered marigold flowers. Bhajans or hymns echo around, adding a soulful impact to the environment there. 

Other aspects that make Jaipur Holi unique include ‘Gulaal Gotas’ or ‘Water Cannon Bowls. These are eco-friendly as made by melting lacquer. Bollywood theme parties are also organized at various resorts and luxury hotels as well as chic venues.

Holi in Hampi

hampi Holi

People think that holi celebrations are confined to North India. But Hampi in Karnataka is a remarkable exception. Here, temples and other venues reverberate with the festivities of Holi. It is because of this revelry that Hampi is listed among the top places to visit for Holi celebrations in South India. Beginning with the Holika Dahan bonfire, the festivities include songs and dance around it. The next day, people get indulged in a delightful and colorful cheer. Drumbeats echo all over, adding dynamism to the festive enthusiasm. 

After enjoying the colorful play, people join the River Tungabhadra to dive in. This cleanses colors from the bodies. This practice is backed by the belief that a dip in this river washes away your sins. The highlight of the festival is that people gather around the ruins of the grand Vijayanagar Empire for the festivities. Do visit Hampi for its unique Holi celebrations.

Holi Cuisines

In India, no celebration is complete without good food and drinks. So, as you play around with vibrant gulal, you simultaneously want to enjoy cold beverages and hot snacks. Although India’s food varies from region to region, there are some delicacies that are enjoyed by all during this cheerful fiesta.



The classic Holi dessert is a must on this auspicious occasion. With delicious stuffings and a crispy outer layer, this dessert will remind you of your Holi memories from childhood. Fried or baked, this dessert is one that you absolutely need to prepare and share with your friends and family members.



When you think of Holi, thandai will surely cross your mind. With an array of recipes for this delicious beverage, you can find one that suits your preferences. Prepared using milk and an assortment of spices, this beverage is sure to make you feel refreshed in the spring sun.

Dahi Bhalle

Dahi Bhalle

The perfect blend of curd and spices, this dish is a favorite of every household. Served with green chutney or sweet tamarind chutney, this recipe is sure to win hearts. Enjoy it after a playful morning in the sun and refresh yourself with this delicious treat.

Puran Poli

Puran Poli

A burst of flavors through the delicious Puran Polis is something you cannot miss. This delectable dish is easy to make and is light as well as scrumptious. Stuffed with chana dal and sugar, its sweet and savory flavor will entice you and everyone who takes a bite.



With an awesome line up for Malpua recipes, you can prepare your own little Malpua assortment, which has something for everyone. These delectable pancakes are your way to sweet and savory heaven, so include them in your Holi menu and enjoy the delight on everyone’s faces.



No Indian festival is complete without Rasmalai, and Holi is the same. Creamy delight with delicious chenna, this dessert is the epitome of sweet goodness. You can add your own twists to the delicacy with saffron strands or fruit essence and adorn your dessert table with this aromatic sweet dish.

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