Know about the saviour of Indians in evacuations

Boeing India(C-17 Globemaster)

C-17 Globemaster, again on a rescue mission. This aircraft  first came to India in 2013. Due to its big capacity it is used for many missions. It is capable of transporting all types of cargoes to main operating bases and can perform tactical airlift.

The PM asked the air force to carry out the airlift “Operation Ganga” and so far 1600 Indian students have been evacuated from Ukraine. 

This Aircraft has saved many lives in difficult situations :-

  • On 25 April 2015, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal.The C-17 globemaster was sent with Aid to Nepal so that they can save lives.
  • When Pandemic was at its highest  peak this aircraft helped us to save many of our citizens, by rescuing them to safety.
  • When the shortage of Oxygen cylinder arises, during pandemic this aircraft was used to Bring 37 tonnes of oxygen from the UK.
  • Within India,C-17 has transported 180 empty cryogenic oxygen cylinders apart from other relief materials like oxygen cylinders, essential medicine, and hospital equipment.
  •  When Kabul fell into Taliban hands on August 15 ,2021 C-17 was deployed to save the Indian citizens and Diplomats. IT also saved several Afghan Sikhs and Hindus.

This Advanced vehicle was developed by McDonnell Douglas from 1980s to 1990s.It consists of four engines and can refill fuel  in air.

Specifications Of C17-Globemaster:-

  • This C-17 Globemaster has a topspeed of 950 km/h,wingspan of 52m, it weighs up to 128,100 kg.This vehicle can also transport missiles to the military bases if needed. 
  • Its crew consists of just three members. A pilot,a co-pilot,and a loadmaster.
  • It can take-off from a 7,600-ft airfield while carrying a payload of 160,000(79,159 kg),fly 2,400 nautical miles,and can land at 3,000ft.
  • It can carry around 150 soldiers and paratroopers, and can airlift them when needed.It can provide military aids to the areas like Ladakh.
  • A  C-17 globemaster can create a visible vortex while using thrust reversal to push aircraft backwards on a runaway.   
  • IAF(Indian Air Force) had selected this vehicle for “Very Heavy Lift Transport Aircraft”.

The USD 4.1 Billion Contract was signed in 2011 for this Aircraft and India received it in 2013.

Till now India has 11 C-17 Globemaster transport planes and it is ready for any operation even at great heights or at small runaway.C-17 is ready to serve India and It is going to make history by saving many lives. 

American C-17 globemaster replaced Russian IL-76(Gajraj):-

                  C-17 Globemaster
 It can carry 70 tonnes of load.
Its Wingspan is 52m.
Its top speed is 950 km/h
It weighs up to 120,100kg.
Its 53m.
It can carry upto 400 passengers at once.A C-17 costs upto $366 million 
               Russian IL-76
It can Carry 40 tonnes of load. 
Its Wingspan is 50m.
Its top speed is 850km/h.
It weighs up to 72,000kg.
Its length is 46.6m. 
It can carry 225 troops in a double deck arrangement.IT costs around $50 million.