Bollywod Vs Tollywood

Bollywood Vs Tollywood

Bollywood represented the largest portion of Cinema Of India for most of the years.

But time has changed now because the emergence of South industry in recent years became the reason for the declining popularity of Bollywood.

The Telugu cinema became the biggest film industry in terms of Box office in 2021. 

But what’s the reason for this? Are Bollywood movies reducing in number ?

These are some questions that come to mind when we think about it.

In the past, Bollywood represented 44% of Indian cinema.

The reason was that in North India most people speak Hindi and Bollywood is Hindi Film Industry . The masala Genre introduced by Salim-Javed (Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar) was vastly famous in the country.

People admired the multi-genre movies containing shades of comedy, romance, action, drama and melodrama. 

The taste of people changes as the generation changes and that was the point where the South Industry came in.

Their hunger for perfection and dedication to make the content was vastly loved in all of India.

They produce family films mostly but Bollywood’s most films are the type you cannot watch with family.

Even after all those qualities the language barrier was holding them.

The dubbed version of South Indian movies were loved by the audiences and their growing popularity made Bollywood to make copies of them like Rowdy Rathore, Jersey, Kabir Singh etc. 

To overcome this shortcoming of languages they started the Pan-India movement and they began to make movies and release them in many languages at the same time.

Bahubali: The Beginning was the first movie starting the movement. They were followed by the Blockbuster hits like Bahubali: The Conclusion, KGF: Chapter 1, RRR, Pushpa: The Rise and many more movies are also gonna release this year.

Bollywood Vs Tollywood

After the release of Bahubali, Tamil industry became the biggest industry of India in terms of box-office. Their dedication is now paying off and are making better content day by day.

And the Bollywood have to understand that fiction cannot take the place of reality and the real culture of India is in the blood of Indians.

We cannot leave our culture of Nationalism, Brotherhood, Families, and our ancient and great past. 

The south movies may have fiction but their movies have a scent of Indian culture in them and that is what they have that Bollywood don’t .

Like in Bahubali: The Beginnning, in which there is a dialogue that “no ugly sinner can touch my mother and motherland”. 

The dialogues like “Mother is the most powerful warrior of the world” in KGF: Chapter 1 shows their love for motherhood. 

These feelings always live in the hearts of people and the South Indian Industry is showing it on screen.

Why is Bollywood behind in these terms ? They always show romance and fictional drama in their movies. Their movies are based on love triangles and stuff totally different from the culture of our country. 

Our culture has hidden love, something we have but we don’t like to show it around. Everyone loves their parents. You don’t have to show or prove your love towards your parents.

Bollywood needs to understand that masala was loved at one time but time has changed they should change their ways of thinking and making mvies.

They should produce more movies like Kashmir Files, Kesari, Shershah, Surgical Strike which are based on real events. 

Apart from love and drama, Bollywood can also make movies on Mythology like Padmavat .

They made movies about the life of kings, especially their love affairs like in Bajirao Mastani. but why not in Mahabharata or Ramayana.

These topics have great scripts written by one of the greatest poets of all time Tulsidas, Valmiki and it has many translations in other languages also they can be a great plot. 

They made movies on Fraud Babas but not on Swami Vivekanada. His teachings are still inspiring people of the world.

They can make movies on the lives of filmy heroes but on real life heroes like A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

These films will be inspirational for the new generation.

We don’t need movies based on fiction or western culture.

Western people never adopted our culture so why do we need to adopt theirs ? 

They never made the movies reflecting a bit of our culture but we made movies that totally adapted their culture. 

We are not saying about not accepting someone’s culture, we are just saying don’t leave your culture. 

Culture is the root of society don’t leave them or you will be like a tree without a root.