BrahMos Missile :- Fastest missile in the World

BrahMos Missile

On 9 March 2022, a missile was launched for testing but due to a “technical malfunction” it crashed into Pakistan.

It crashed near a city of Punjab province causing no civilian casualties.

Pakistan said that the Missile was picked up by their air defense system and they strongly condemned it. India said that it was “deeply regrettable”.

India have ordered a high level court of inquiry to look into the incident.

It is believed that it was a BrahMos missile.

As conventional missiles like Brahmos don’t have the self-destruct mechanism.

India  would have self-destructed it, before it could enter Pakistan’s Aerospace.

About The Brahmos Missile :-

Brahmos missile is the world’s fastest anti-ship Cruise missile developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation and Russian Federation’s NPO Mashinostroyenia.

It is one of the fastest Supersonic Cruise missiles in the world.

It is based on Russian p-800 Oniks Cruise missiles.

The name “Brahmos” is combined from the names of two rivers, the Brahmaputra river of India and Moskva river of Russia.

It is currently in service of Indian armed forces.

BrahMos Missile

BrahMos have been included in the Indian Navy’s eight warships.

Its varient Brahmos-A is a version made for especially the Indian Air Force and the Sukhoi sucessfully tested it on 25 June 2015.

Brahmos has the capability of attacking surface targets as low as 5 m in altitude and it can fly up to 15,000 m.

Its wingspan is 1.7 m and has a diameter of 70cm.

It can gain a speed of  4321.8 km/hr (Mach 3.5) and its range is around 650 km.

India and Russia intend to make 2,000 BrahMos missiles in the next 10 years in which 50% of them are expected to be exported to friendly countries.

India became a member of MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime) in 2016.

They are now working on a new variant of BrahMos Missile which is  BrahMos-II.

It is estimated to be ready for testing in 2024.

It is expected to have a speed of Mach 7-8 (around 8643.6 km/hr – 9878.4km/hr).

Brahmos-II missile is expected to have a range of 1500 km.