Cats eye provide protection from Evil eye…

Cats Eye

Boost your Business:

This gemstone belong to planet ketu. This gemstone is very effective and attracts money and wealth to the wearer. Apart from finance it also avoids all types of evil eyes and fear from the enemy. High quality Cats eye gemstones look very beautiful and also show their effect very soon.

Who can wear:

This gemstone is very effective for those people who are not able to save their money conditional or unconditional financial burden hamper their economic growth. Cats eye gemstones are very effective. Fear of ghosts and enemies will diminish by wearing this gemstones. 

Cats Eye Ring

People who work in factories, mills, department  related gasses, explosive, toxic material, magics, homeopathy than wearing this gemstone will have a fruitful effect on the wearer. 

This gemstone is also worn by people whose children are in trouble or occasionally ill. 

It must be worn in Antardasha or Mahadasha of Ketu, and native should take care of animals.


Cats eye very powerful gemstones which conserve too much energy therefore if you are suffering from headache, fever or heart disease related heart then you should not wear this gemstone. 

Like hessonite you should not wear along with ruby, coral, pearl and yellow sapphire.

How to wear:

Minimum 5.00 ct is wear for proper benefit of this Gemstone. Native should adore this ring with a pure heart and one should never speak bad words to others. 

Cats eye pendent

Pendent show similar effect as Ring of this gemstone

Silver metal is use to make ring of this gemstone. this ring is wear in left hand middle finger.

Saturday is an auspicious day for wearing this ring.

Price in Market:

Native can wear this gemstone to increase their business. Its basic price starts from 300/- ct and goes upto 1.5 lakh per ct.