CISF (Cental Industrial Security Force)

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CISF was attacked in a sucide bombing is all over the news !!

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The CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) is a unique organization in the Paramilitary forces of India. It was set up under an act the Parliament Of India on 10 march 1969. At start it only had a strength of  2,800. It officially became an armed force of India by another act of Parliament passed on 15 June 1983. It is one of the Central Armed Forces in India.

The main purpose of CISF is to provide security to over 300 industrial units, government infrastructure projects and the establishments all over India. They provide security to all the industries controlled by Central Public Sector Undertaking (PSUs) like atomic power plants, space installations, mines, oilfields, and refineries, major ports, steel plants, fertilizer units, airports and thermal/hydroelectric power plants.

The current strength of the CISF is 148,371 personnel. Its duty is to provide security on sensitive government buildings, Delhi Metro, and also airport security. The CISF is governed by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and its headquarter is in New Delhi.    

It also provides consultancy services to private industries as well as other organizations within the Indian government. The CISF has a “Fire Wing” to help in fire accidents in industries where it is on guard.

Women representation  in CISF :-

Womens In CISF

At first, the recruitment of CISF was only restricted to men. In 1992, Mrs. Asha Sinha earned the distinction of being the first woman commandant of a Central Armed Police Forces in India.

Earlier the roles of women were limited to supervisory roles in Central Armed Police Forces.

The Parliamentary Committees of India for women’s empowerment recommended more roles for womens. After that, the Ministry Of Home Affairs in India declared reservation for womens in parliamentary forces and they also declared that they can be  inducted as officers in combat roles in all five Central Armed Police Forces.

On 5 January 2016, it was decided that 33% post on constabulary level would be reserved for womens in CRPF and CISF.