Critically Endangered Species In India  

Endangered Species in India

India is the land of diversity. In India people can find snow, desert, coasts, mountains and forests all in the same country. It’s obvious that this kind of diversity will also support diverse wildlife life.

Indian wildlife is something that is known for its beauty and diversity but sadly due to increase in population in India animals are losing their homes as their lands are being used for agriculture. Animal hunting is the reason that some animals are at the verge of extinction.

Wildlife protection is the responsibility of the Government of India as they have to save the natural treasures of motherland india.

The Parliament Of India enacted the Wildlife protection Act in 1972 to ensure the protection of plants and animals, harvesting and hunting these species are prohibited by law.

The Wildlife protection Act was amended as the time demands.The first time it was amended was in 1982.After that it has been amended several times and the last t as amended in 2013 and the penalty for breaking this law can be upto 25,000 and Imprisonment for 3 years.

To protect the wildlife,the Indian Government has made sanctuaries,national parks,reserves and promotes awareness among the citizens.Some animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger were saved by these operations and laws as their numbers were very less,but due to the awareness among people and the number of Tigers are now increasing.But there are many species that are still on the verge of extinction. 

These species are called the Critically Endangered species by the IUCN(International Union of Conservation Of Nature) Red List.This list currently contains almost 8,404 species from which the species that are found in India are listed below. 

List are given below for some of the Critically Endangered species in India are:-

 Lists of Spiders :-  

1.Rameshwaram Parachute Spiders.

2.Peacock Tarantula.

Lists Of Turtles :-

1.Northern River Terrapin.

2.Hawksbill Sea Turtle.

3.Red Crowned Roof Turtle.

Lists Of Endangered Fishes :-    

1.Pondicherry Shark.

2.Gangetic Shark.

3.Largetooth Sawfish.

4.Longcomb Sawfish.

5.Common Sawfish.

6.Deccan Barb.

7.Bovany Barb.

8.Pookode Lake Barb.

9.Red Canarese Barb.

10.Wayanad Mahseer.

11.Glyptothorax Kashmirensis.

12.Kudremukh Glyptothorax.

Lists Of Endangered Frogs :-

1.Ghats Wart Frog.

2.Gundia Indian Frog.

3.Amboli Toad.

4.Shillong BubbleNest Frog.

5.Rao;s Tort Frog.

6.Dattatreya Night Frog.

7.Griet Bush Frog.

8.Munnar Bush Frog.

9.Green-eyed Bush Frog.

10.Ponmudi Bush Frog.

11.Sacred Grove Bush Frog.

12.White Spotted Bush Frog.

13.Charles Darwin’s Frog.

14.Toad Skinned Frog

15.Anaimalai Bush Frog.

16.Resplendent Shrub Frog.

17.Sushil’s Bush Frog.

18.Kaikatti Bush Frog.

19.Mark’s Bush Frog.

20.Amboli Bush Frog.

Lists Of Reptile :-

1.Madras Spotted Skink.


Lists Of Endangered Mammals :-

1.Elvira Rat.

2.Nicobar Shrew.

3.Andaman Shrew

4.Kashmir Stag.

5.Jenkin’s Shrew.

6.Malabar Large-spotted civet.

7.Namdapha Flying Squirrels. 

8. Chinese Pangolin.

We should understand our responsibility and try to coexist with them.

We should find a way to upgrade ourselves by not degrading the environment and protect all the creatures.We are the dominant species of earth and we should do our role in protecting others.

All creatures are extinct because of our doing but this generation should not repeat the mistakes of the previous one and do everything in our power to protect each other.

Endangered Species