CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)

Logo of the CRPF

CRPF (Central reserve Police Force) is a force assisting in the state/union territories to maintain law and order. The primary role of CRPF consists of counter insurgency also. 

It is India’s largest Central Armed Police Force with a total of 246 battalions and other establishments and it has a total strength of 3,00,000 personnels in 2019. 

Its motto is “tejsvi navdhitmastu

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It’s history is given below :-

It was originally derived from CRP (Crown Representative’s Police) formed on 27 July 1939 with 2 Battalions in Nimach, Madhya Pradesh. Its primary duty was to protect the British residents in sensitive states of India. CRP was renamed under CRPF Act. Many state reserve police were merged with it to deal with foreign invasion and domestic insurgency.

From then it is serving our country and protecting law and order in our country.

List of some of their missions is given below :-

  1. It guarded the India-Pakistan border until the BSF (Border Security Force) was created in 1965.
  2. The CRPF killed the five terrorists, who had entered the premises of Indian Parliament in 2001 Indian Parliament attack.
  3. On 5 July 2005, 5 terrorists stormed in the Ram Janmbhoomi Complex in Ayodhya and were killed by the 35 CRPF soldier commissioned there in a 100m radius.
  4. The Indian Government has decided to entrust it with the counter-insurgency operations.
  5. To counter the Naxalite movement, a new wing of Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) was added in 2008.
  6. The rescue mission of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajashekhar Reddy in which 5,000 CRPF soldiers were deployed over Nallamala Forest Range in Andhra Pradesh. It was the largest search operation ever conducted in India.

These are just some of many heroic deeds of CRPF listed above

Guys Do you know that its services are extended beyond the border as well. 

The services contributed by it in Srilanka as part of IPKF, a UN Peacekeeping Force, in Namibia, Haiti, Somalia, Maldives, and also Bosnia.

During the Liberia mission, a fully formed Female police was formed with Mahila CRPF personnel deployed in Liberia Feb 2007, as an UN Peacekeeping Force.  

They were the first female police team deployed in action by any UN Peacekeeping Force.

Awards to CRPF :-

CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)
CRPF received 192 President Police Medals

Its members have been awarded a total of 1586 awards including 1205 Police Medals for Gallantry, 100 Prime Minister’s Police Medals for Life Saving and 192 President Police Medals for Gallantry.

The promise kept by CRPF soldiers