Destiny Number 3- Personality, Career and Money


If you are born on 03, 12, 21, 30 then you came under Destiny Number 3. And this article is all about your personality, your career choices and even some precautions for YOU !!!!

Here’s the summary of your Destiny Number 3

Ruling PlanetJupiter
Body OrgansChest, Lungs and Body Fat
AilmentsKidneys, Pancreas, Nervous System, Diabetes, Arthritis etc.
Compatible Numbers1, 2, 9, 8, 4, 7
Lucky ColorsViolet, Purple, Cream, Yellow, Mauve
Lucky GemstoneYellow Sapphire Yellow Sapphire
SubstitutesTopaz, Yellow Zircon, Yellow Pearl
Lucky MetalCopper

If you are Number 3 then you have these positive traits :-

  1. Creative, Versatile and Artistic :- You are a very creative person, you can do everything because you are versatile as well. You might see the challenges as opportunities as you are an Artistic person. 
  2. Talented, Passionate and Interesting :- Of course, you are a talented person and you are very passionate about your work. Your creativity and Versatility makes you an Interesting person.
  3. Popular, Friendly and Sociable :- Your character makes you a popular person and you might have a lot of friends. You are a social person as you do not hesitate in talking to anybody.
  4. Exciting, Enthusiastic and Cheerful :- You have a great gift of optimism. You have a positive attitude towards your challenges. You have enormous enthusiasm which makes you active in sports and outdoor activities.
  5. Self Expression :- Your centre qualities include self expression means you always express your views and thoughts. You don’t like to flatter others with sweet talking. Your respect and reverence are real and healthy without appearing to be flattery.  

If you overcome the qualities given below then you can bring out your true potential. 

The negative traits in which you should work are as follows :-

  1. Egoistic and Domineering :- For a talented person like you being egoistic is quite normal. You have the ability to dominate others but in a good way. You should understand that being egoistic is going to hurt your loved ones. You are a talented person and you can do it your own way.
  2. FIckle and Gaudy :- You have a habit of changing your minds quickly. It is a good habit to be versatile and creative but after beginning a work you should stick to your original plan. You might like to show-off a little too much. Your work should illustrate your capabilities, not your mouth.
  3. Wasteful and Critical :- You might use something more than necessary. See, understand your needs and use what’s necessary to you. You are kind of a critique who likes to point out the faults. See, finding faults is one of the most important qualities anyone needs but just observing a fault and only pointing out faults will not help. Try to see the advantages of things too.

Professions for Number 3 :-

You are suitable in the professions which require creativity, imagination, wisdom and artistic talent.

The suited professions and careers are as follows :-

  1. Acting
    1. Teaching
    2. Banking
    3. Advertising
    4. Medicine
    5. Judiciary
    6. Author
    7. Armed Forces
    8. Politics
    9. Civil Services
    10. Religious Organisation
    11. Priesthood
    12. Treasury
    13. Education 
    14. Government Services

Financial capabilities :

In financial terms you are extremely lucky. People like you are successful in life. You will get plenty of opportunities in your life to rise financially. Continuous efforts will one day make you financially rich for a long term. You are a “horse made for long runs “.

Precautions for You :

If you take these precautions listed below then there is no one that can stop you from reaching success. 

  1. You must not be overly extravagant in matters of spending money.
  2. Jealous nature should be gotten rid of as soon as possible. 
  3. Leave the company of low and unciciised people as soon as possible.
  4. Always believe in hard work  and determination. There is nothing like a short-cut in life.
  5. You should get rid of your arrogance as well. Try to look at the bigger picture.