Destiny Number 4- Personality, Career and Finance

Destiny Number 4

If you are born on the date 4, 13, 22, 31 then article is exclusively for you as you have destiny number 4.

Ruling PlanetUranus/Rahu
Body OrgansKnees and Feet
AilmentsKidneys, Bladder and respiratory troubles and tendency to catch infectious diseases
Compatible Numbers6, 8, 3, 5
Lucky ColorsElectric Blue, Electric Grey, White and Maroon
Lucky GemstoneGomedGomed
Lucky MetalCopper

If you have destiny number 4 then, these are your positive traits :-

  1. Practical, Methodical and Logical :- You are a practical person with a sharp eye for details. You have a well-organised and careful way of doing something that’s why you are methodical. You have a good intellect and intelligence that makes you a great liberator and a logical person.
  2. Loyal, Determined and Hardworking :- You might have few friends but you make real friends. You are very much devoted and loyal to your friends. Being punctual makes you determined towards your work. Being hardworking is your most admired quality, you never fear the hard work.
  3. Conservative and Proud :- You are a kind of conservative person, you like to protect the value of society. That’s why you don’t like hypocrite people. Having pride in your culture and teachings makes you a great personality. 
  4. Reliable :- Your positive traits like loyalty, determination make people rely on you. You work hard to make up to those standards.
  5. Firm and Steady :- You have a rigid kind of personality and you dislike changes. You are a steady person who develops and grows your personality gradually at a regular rate.

You should work on these negative traits of your personality and you will be able to bring out your true potential :

  1. Argumentative and Stubborn :- You have an argumentative personality which means you argue a lot. This can be a great trait also but arguing in small matters makes it a negative trait. And you are a stubborn guy who doesn’t like to change your views on others’ advice which can be controlled by your great intellect.
  2. Unimaginative and Uninteresting :- You should try to be more imaginative and create some originality in your personality. You are indeed a capable and intelligent person and you will overcome it in no time.
  3. Depressed and Jealous :- You are highly strung and sensitive , very easily wounded in your feelings and can become depressed sometimes. You should get rid of your jealous nature as soon as possible and be more op[timistic towards your achievements.

Professions for Destiny Number 4 :

Destiny Number 4’s are found in the profession related to the following career :

  1. Religious Organisations
  2. Engineer
  3. Designer
  4. Judiciary
  5. Atomic energy
  6. Teacher
  7. Professor
  8. Scientist
  9. Producer
  10. Independent Business
  11. Building Contracts
  12. Trading and transport & machinery
  13. Astrology
  14.  Government Service
  15. Priest

Financial Capabilities 

You might not be very successful in worldly or material matters but you are not prone to accumulating wealth. However, wealth comes to you despite difficulties, delays and obstacles. You will make an outer show of influence and you are capable of keeping your house well maintained.

Precautions for You :

If you follow these precautions you will be able to fulfil your true potential :

  1. Try not to be overly sensitive and overstrung.
  2. You should avoid being sad once you face defeat.
  3. You should get rid of your selfish nature as soon as possible.
  4. Check your aggression and try to execute your plans wisely.
  5. Recognise the opportunity in front of you because they would be sudden and for a short period.