Destiny Number 5- Personality and Precautions

Destiny Number 5

If you are born on date 05th, 14th or 23rd of any month then your destiny number is 5. This article will tell you about your personality, future careers and your financial status in future.

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Ruling PlanetMercury
Body OrgansNerves, Vocal Cord and Respiratory Systems
AilmentsInsomnia, Biliousness, Cough and Cold, Overstraining of Nervous System
Compatible Numbers1, 6, 3, 8, 9, 4, 7
Lucky ColorsWhite, Green, Turquoise
Lucky GemstoneEmerald panna gemstone
SubstitutesJade, Peridot, Agae, Green Zircon Aquamarine
Lucky MetalGold

Number 5 is the most dynamic of all numbers and if your destiny number is 5 then you have some positive attributes in your personality.

Your positive attributes are as follows :-

  1. Versatile and Adaptable :-  You are a versatile and adaptable person with extraordinary reflexes. You adapt to a difficult situation and your intelligence helps you to overcome any difficulty.
  2. Adventurous and Courageous :- You are an adventurous person and you live on your nerves and appear crave for excitement. You are never afraid of taking risks that make you courageous. You generally take risks in stock market trading as you have a keen sense of making money.
  3. Energetic and Futuristic :- You are an energetic person who always possesses immense physical as well as mental energy. You have a rare ability of being futuristic as you naturally set an aim in life and know how to achieve it. Your aims are healthy and clear.
  4. Creative and Inventive :- You are a creative person. You have a rare ability to think out of the box and you mostly use it to earn money. You always invent a new way of earning money whether through Stock Market Trading or business. 
  5. Free Thinking, Humourous and Friendly :- Your free thinking and humorous personality enables you to make friends quickly. You also love to indulge in public speaking and oratory. 

You possess some negative traits in your personality but if you work on those, You have our assurance that you will be successful in your life.

Work on these negative traits and bring out your true potential :-

  1. Greedy and Calculative :- See your personality move around money very much so being greedy and calculative is kind of normal. But you shouldn’t put money above your happiness because no amount of money can fill an empty space of a loved one.
  2. Temperamental and Impulsive :- You are quick in thought and decision and impulsive in your action. Just think before you speak and try to calm yourself when you are angry. Always remember that “Your words hold the power of hurting someone”.
  3. Unreliable and Fickle :- You depend mostly on intuition more than reasoned thought that is what makes you unreliable. If you make a decision on a mere intuition then it may harm you but since you are a risky kind  of guy you can manage it.
  4. Nervous and Restless :- Being nervous and restless is a part of your personality because you have immense surplus energy. Just try to channelise your energy in some productive work or else you will be restless.

Professions for YOu :-

Since you like money too much then professions related to money will suit you. 

We have a list of suited profession below :

  1. Trade
  2. Business
  3. Mathematics
  4. Banking 
  5. Commission Business
  6. Accounting
  7. Law
  8. Writing
  9. Teaching
  10. Reporting 
  11. Astrology
  12. Medicine
  13. Engineering
  14. Editing 
  15. Journalism

Financial Capabilities :-

You are capable of earning well due to good intellect, tact and hard working nature. They are specially suited for business and trade. They are normally lucky in accumulating money. So, you need hardwork and determination in order to achieve your aim.

Precautions for You :-

In order to reach your highest potential you must follow these precautions listed below:

  1. You should control your nerves and talkativeness.
  2. Stay away from sad and depressive surroundings.
  3. Stay from gambling as much as you can because you are bound to lose heavily.
  4. Control your greed and sacasticism as it may cost you heavily in future.