Destiny Number 6 – Personality and Precautions

Destiny Number 6

If you are born on 06th, 15th or 24th of any month then your Destiny number is 6. We will tell you about your positive traits and some precautions which you must take in order to attain success.

Ruling PlanetVenus
Body OrgansSexual Organs, Face and Vision
AilmentsFever, Influenza, Vision defects, Urinary tract infections etc.  
Compatible Numbers5, 8, 4, 7, 3, 9
Lucky ColorsWhite, Cream, Blue or Pink
Lucky GemstoneDiamond Diamond
SubstitutesOpal, White Zircon
Lucky MetalPlatinum

Destiny Number 6 is the most loving of all numbers. And If your Destiny Number is 6 then you possess these positive traits.

Your positive traits are as follows :

  1. Creative and Intelligent :- You are a creative and intelligent person who knows how to handle challenges in life. Your creativity is the real deal and it always helps you in your path of success.
  2. Persuasive and Peacemaker :- You are a convincing person who can solve anything with reasoning and facts. That’s why you are a great peacemaker with a great trait of being responsible and understanding.
  3. Unselfish, Sympathetic and Caring :- You care for those who are weaker. You have sympathy with the weak and you are a considerate person. You never fall for the temptation of money that makes you an unselfish and reliable person.
  4. Honourable, Loving and Humanitarian :- You are extremely magnetic as you attract everyone and everyone honours you. Being loved makes you love everyone also that’s why you are a loving person. You may be an active vocal on humanitarian issues as you have great love and respect for life.

Your personality also possesses some negative traits. Just try to overcome them and you will be successful. 

  1. Picky :- You are picky and work on your preferences. If you don’t like what you get then you reject them. It doesn’t make you a bad person but try to elaborate your preferences and try new things for a change.
  2. Wasteful :- Your picky habit makes you a wasteful person as you simply throw things which you don’t like that makes you waste more.
  3. Anger :- You are a loving person but once you are aroused to anger, you don’t tolerate nonsense and fight to your bitter end. Just try to calm yourself and choose your words wisely.
  4. Extravagant :- You should try to hold your purchases and try not to overspend. Your picky nature also makes you buy things in bulk. You should just spend money when it is needed the most. 

Professions for YOU :

Since you have a loving and spiritual kind of lifestyle, careers related to your personality are best for You. 

Here’s the list of careers that are suited for you :

  1. Spiritual Guru
  2. Philosopher
  3. Teacher 
  4. Scientist
  5. Minister
  6. Author
  7. Designer
  8. Architect
  9. Music
  10. Interior decorator
  11. Jewellery designer
  12. Painter
  13. Chef or Hotel Manager
  14. Commission Agent
  15. Fiction Writer

Financial Capabilities :-

You may not be normally rich but you are capable of generating the necessary comforts of life. As your humanitarian and unselfish traits do not incline you to earn or accumulate wealth out of proportions. Your personality is like a person who self sacrifices easily for others so that is a good quality anyone can have.

Precautions for YOU :

You should take the following precautions to fulfil your true potentials :

  1. Do not trust anyone blindly, even your friends. Remember friendship should be based on intellect worth not on mutual need. 
  2. When you are angry, try not to be stubborn and rigid.
  3. Don’t act hastily, first of all know the worth of the issue.
  4. You should not indulge too much in unnecessary social activities as it may take your mind away from genuine priorities.
  5. Always avoid alcohol and other things like that. You may get addicted to them and that is not good for you in future.