Destiny Number 7- Personality and Career

Destiny Number 7

If You are born on 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month then your Destiny Number is 7. Your positive traits and your career and even your future financial conditions are givrn here with some precautions.

Ruling PlanetNeptune/Ketu
Body OrgansNerves
AilmentsNervous system, Indigestion, Arthritis, Blood Circulation
Compatible Numbers9, 6, 3, 5
Lucky ColorsWhite, Pale Yellow, Green, Blue
Lucky GemstoneCat’s Eye
SubstitutesTiger’s Eye
Lucky MetalPlatinum

Your Destiny Number 7 is the most spiritual of all numbers and you also possess some great positive traits.

Here’s the list of the positive traits of your personality :

  1. Spiritual and Mystic :- You are a seeker of truth, who always spends his time in search of truth. You are the accumulator of wisdom and knowledge. 
  2. Sympathetic and Thoughtful :- You sympathize with everyone as you are thoughtful. You know that God made us equal. God doesn’t discriminate between us so you also walk on God’s teaching.
  3. Intelligent and Inventive :- You are blessed with great intelligence and intellect. You are an abstract thinker and your power to think independently and imaginatively creates delicious possibilities to uplift things.
  4. Intuitive and Introspective :- you have a gift of intuition and a magnetism of your own which has great influence over others. You are an introspective person, which means you would take an inward, interior journey.

Your personality also possesses some negative traits. Just try to overcome them and you will be successful. 

  1. Moody and Shy :-  You are a shy person who doesn’t naturally like to express themselves. You are moody which means you are very dynamic in your thought and action.
  2. Depressed and Lonely :- You prefer to be alone as you are an introspective person. Being alone sometimes creates problems like depression and anxiety. 
  3. Unrelenting and Withdrawn :- You are very quiet and don’t like to talk to others. You always try to show your strong side but that also makes you alone as you cannot share your problems with others.

Professions for YOU :-

Your spiritual personality makes you good for many professions.

Here’s the list of some of the careers you may choose :

  1. Astrology
  2. Sports
  3. Drama
  4. Cinema
  5. Aviation
  6. Shipping
  7. Philosophy 
  8. Spiritual Teaching
  9. Export & Import
  10. Jobs dealing with fforeign countries
  11. Writing
  12. Painting
  13. Poetry
  14. Fishery
  15. Jobs dealing with dairy products.

Financial Capabilities :-

You may face many ups and downs in your life, especially in the financial matters. Your personality makes you a person who doesn’t care much about wealth and material possessions. But with great hardwork and original ideas and methods of business they can be rich. They usually donate a large amount in charity and donations.

Precautions for YOU :

You should take the following precautions to fulfill your true potential :

  1. You should control your fickle mindedness and restlessness.
  2. You should realize that money is the true outer manifestation of human creativity.
  3. You should do charity but you should also know your limit and don’t over do anything.
  4.  Do not change your opinions quickly as it could lead to trouble in future.
  5. You should take utmost care in choosing the person you love otherwise it may prove disastrous.

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