Destiny Number 9- Personality and Career


If you are born on the date 09, 18 or 27 of any month then your Destiny Number is 9. We have menttined your positive traits, Your future financual capabilities and some precautions that can help you to reach your true potential.

Ruling PlanetMars
Body OrgansBrain, Skull, Red Blood Corpuscles
AilmentsFever, Piles, Brain defects, Head injuries, Kidneys
Compatible Numbers1, 2, 3, 7, 6, 8
Lucky ColorsWhite, Red, Yellow
Lucky GemstoneCoral Red Coral
Lucky MetalCopper

Your Destiny Number 9 is the most humanitarian of all numbers. And you have many positive traits in your personality.

Here’s the list of the positive traits you possess :-

  1. Interesting, Intelligent and Adventurous :-  You have an interesting personality as you may have many mysterious experiences. You are an adventurous person who always craves for new adventures and experiences.
  2. Intuitive and Spiritual :- You are highly intuitive and clairvoyant. You also have an interest in spiritualism.
  3. Wise and Leadership :- You have the knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgements that make you wise and this quality makes you an excellent leader. 
  4. Emotional, Dramatic and Loving :- Your effort and sacrifice without the need of reward and your love and caring nature makes everyone to love you as well. You may be dramatic at some times because you are an emotional person who expresses itself very easily.
  5. Talented, Futuristic and Creative :- You are an idealist above all and a genius and synthesizer. You are talented, creative and artistic in your life. You have a vision of tomorrow and you will end up on the success side and have great success stories.  

Your personality also possesses some negative traits. Just try to overcome them and you will be successful.

  1. Loneliness :- Despite being a loving and caring person you may lack tact and can often be rude to others. This may lead you to be alone.
  2. Depression :- You love control but when you don’t get total control you may lose interest in the project and be depressed.  
  3. Wasteful :- You are overly using or buying something more than necessary. Your must understand the necessity of the object and use or buy them according to your necessity.
  4. Overly Emotional :- You are a very emotional person. Having empathy for others is good but you don’t need to feel sad over everything people say. You have many wonderful abilities which will make you successful in future.

Professions for YOU :-

You are a humanitarian kind of person so a job which fits your personality will be good for you.

Here’s the list of some careers or professions that are suite for you :

  1. Drama
  2. Theater
  3. Acting
  4. Painting
  5. Designing
  6. Writing and Publications
  7. Forces
  8. Medicine
  9. Property dealing 
  10. Politics
  11. Fire related services
  12. Engineering
  13. Metal and Welding industry
  14. Sales

Financial Capabilities :

You will generally be financially well off. You are lucky in earning wealth and earn more than an average man. They enjoy all the comforts of life.

Precautions for YOU :

You should take the following precautions to fulfill your true potential :

  1. You should avoid anger at all costs.
  2. Don’t be an irritating official as it may harm you in future.
  3. Avoid being lazy and illogical at the office or work.
  4.  You should remain alert to any adverse circumstance and protect yourself from accidents.
  5. Do not depend on others to solve your problem as it may harm you or make you suffer more.