Emerald, Most wearable gemstone!! Know why?

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Emerald is magnificent!!

Being a gemstone of Planet Mercury, Emerald imparts intelligence to wearer. Emerald give benefic effect of planet Mercury and make you smart enough to perform any work effectively.

Wearer of Emerald becomes good orator, and they give any presentation, deal and achieve any project with their intelligence. Whatever work given to them they complete in time and effortlessly.

Native whom birth chart posses good place of planet Mercury take quick and right decision.

Who Can Wear ?

Emerald being a gemstone of planet mercury gives very benefic and positive effect. Therefore if you engage in business and facing continues failure, your all decision to business come to negative then you should definitely wear Emerald Gemstone.

If you not able to put your view point to the investor or property dealer and fail to put your demand and view point than wearing Emerald increase your clarity.

Planet Mercury gives positive effect to Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn lagn horoscope. Therefore these native should wear emerald gemstone.

If mercury is not placed correctly in above mention Lagn Birth chart then wearing emerald is beneficial for them.

Wearing emerald will be beneficial for native who possess exalted mercury in their horoscope or making Bhadra-Purush conjunction.

People who involved in work related education, writer, art, exhibition, and doing business should wear emerald gemstone. Also if you are engaged are want to do work associated to media, computer, or want to become a good orator, and want to become market analyst then wearing emerald definitely boost your confident.

Emerald is especially beneficial for Psychiatric, Neurosurgeon, lawyer, teacher and businessman.

Emerald is also beneficial for old age people and student because this will help to increase memory and concentration.

How to wear Emerald ?


Emerald should wear at least 4 ratti. Emerald is primary gemstone for Mercury planet, therefore this show their effect early. This should wear in little finger on Wednesday. Apart it can also wear in mercury constellation on Friday and Sunday.

Emerald is also very expensive therefore its sub stone is also very popular in market. Peridot which is sub stone of Emerald is very effective in character. This should wear at least 6 carat in weight. Apart from Peridot, Aquamarine is also an option.

Origin and Availability

Most common emerald found in market is Zambian Emerald. Columbian and Brazilian is also very famous in market. Being a precious gemstone they are moderate to expensive. Zambian emerald can be ruppe 500 per carat to rupee 9000 per carat. While Columbian and Brazilian Emerald ranges start from rupee12000 per carat to lakhs of per carat.


Planet Mercury is auspicious planet this never give problem therefore any one can wear it. This gemstone should avoid wearing with Coral and Yellow sapphire.

Native related to Aries and Scorpion should never wear Emerald because it will decrease your sexual desire.

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