Fenugreek (Methi)- The Spice of Life in Ayurveda

Methi (Fenugreek)

Guys, In Indian Ayurveda there are certain herbs that are called multipurpose herbs like Brahmi. In this article we are going to read about another multipurpose herb which is extremely healthy. This herb has special benefits for lactating mothers as it is beneficial for both mother and the child. This multipurpose herb is called Fenugreek in English and Methi in Hindi. It is also considered as the Spice of Life.

Botanical NameTrigonella foenum-graecum
Other namesMethi,  Alholva, Bird’s Foot, Bockshornklee, Bockshorn Same, Chandrika, Fenogreco, Foenugraeci Semen, Greek Clover, Greek Hay, Greek Hay Seed, Hu Lu Ba, Medhika, Sénégrain, Trigonella, Woo Lu Bar, 
Fenugreek Benefits It has numerous benefits :-
1. Good for new mothers
2. Good for men
3. Manages diabetes
4. Good for skin
5. Good for heart
6. Good for hair

What is Fenugreek (Methi) ?


Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) or methi  is a staple spice found in most Indian kitchens. It is a multi purpose herb known for its flavour in various Indian cooking and numerous health benefits. Fenugreek powder is a powerhouse of numerous health-promoting nutrients like dietary fibre, protein, vitamin B1, B2, B3 and C, zinc, iron, copper and polyunsaturated fats. It also contains bioactive constituents like saponins, volatile oils, mucilage, and alkaloids like choline and trigonelline.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fenugreek

What fenugreek is good for ?

It is a multipurpose herb which is a dietary supplement for diabetes, menstrual cramps, and other conditions and to stimulate milk production during breastfeeding.

Is fenugreek good for weight loss ?

Yes, it is good for weight loss as it suppresses  appetite, increases satiety, and decreases dietary calorie intake. 

Is fenugreek harmful for the kidney ?

No, it is not harmful for the kidney as it improves renal function which describes how well the kidneys work. It increases the level of antioxidant protection, and reduces oxidative stress.

Is methi good for hormonal imbalance ?

Yes, it is good for hormonal balance as it comes in handy to treat hormonal imbalance problems. It helps women in maintaining a hormone balance. Methi helps in boosting oestrogen levels which, in turn, increases breast milk production in lactating women.

Is methi good for high BP ?

Yes, it is good for high BP as it helps regulate cholesterol levels and improve blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of developing heart conditions and improve heart health.

Fenugreek (Methi) Benefits


Good for new mothers

Fenugreek powder shows strong galactagogue properties which stimulate the secretion of milk in new moms. Under proper consultation, a cup of fenugreek-infused tea effectively increases the production of breast milk in new mothers. Breast milk is extremely essential for newborn babies since it is enriched with essential nutrients required for the growth and wellbeing of the baby

Good for men

 It is a remedy for improving men’s health. The powder, being a natural antioxidant, improves the production of male hormones like testosterone and luteinizing hormone. It has powerful properties that are extremely beneficial for treating many conditions. The conditions are like hypospermia, oligospermia, asthenozoospermia and enhances sperm production. It also treats conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and improves sexual function and libido.

Manages diabetes

Its excellent hypoglycemic property plays a big role in alleviating the blood sugar levels of the body. The production of insulin from the β-pancreatic cells becomes active. It helps to reduce the breakdown of starch into glucose which in turn leads to low blood glucose levels. The sprouted fenugreek seeds are good for managing sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Good for skin

Heavily loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, it is used for treating oxidative free radical damage due to the sun rays. It treats the various signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, spots, dark circles, etc. Methi also reduces acne, pimples and bestows a smooth and glowing skin. The natural oils present in its powder hydrates and moisturise the skin and make it supple and soft.

Good for heart

It holds high significance in treating various heart ailments due to its strong antioxidative nature.  Methi fortifies the heart muscles and inhibits lipid build up in the blood vessels. The bioactive constituents like volatile oils and alkaloids reduce the levels of non-esterified fatty acids. It reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, heart blocks, blood clots, etc. Fenugreek also plays an important role in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Good for hair

Methi has been used for promoting hair growth since ancient times. The antimicrobial nature of the plant treats various scalp and hair infections like folliculitis, itching and dandruff. It nourishes the hair follicles with essential nutrients, improves blood circulation and strengthens the hair strands from the roots. They normalise the secretion of the stress hormone and also prevents hair fall and breakage due to stress and anxiety.


Fenugreek, considered the ‘spice of life’ has numerous health benefits.This spice is used for flavouring food. It is also used for increasing milk production in breastfeeding mothers, boosting male stamina, lowering inflammation and blood cholesterol levels and augmenting skin and hair health.