Forest report of India 2021

Forests in India

We all think that we know about forests but in real terms we don’t even know what the forests are ?

If you don’t believe us just think about the definition of forest in your mind.

Cant Find It ?

ISFR (Indian State of Forest Report) defines forests as :-

As an area of more than one hectare with a canopy density of more than 10 percent.

Do you guys know there are types of Forest cover in India ?

In India, there are two classification of forest over :-

  1. Inside Recorded Forest Area :- It includes all of the natural forests and plantations of the Forest Department.
  2. Outside Recorded Forest Area :- It includes the other plantations like mango farm, coconut plantation and Agroforestry.

Forest Survey of India(FSI) classified four kinds of forests :-

  1. Very Dense Forest :- Lands with canopy density of more than 70 % .
  2. Moderately Dense Forest :- Lands with canopy density of more than 40 % and less than 70 %.
  3. Open Forests :- Lands with canopy density of more than 10 % and less than 40 %.
  4. Scrubs :- Lands having poor tree growth and a canopy density of less than 10 %.

Report Of ICFR :-

Forests report

According to the survey of ICFR in 2021 the forest cover and tree cover in India is 24.56 % of the total geographical area of the country.

The accuracy of the ICFR report in 2021 is 93.17% which is highest as compared to the other assessments done throughout the years. 

A total increase of 5,188 Sq Km in which forest cover is increased by 3,976 Sq Km and Tree cover is increased by 1,212 Sq Km.

Karnataka showed the highest increase of 1,025 Sq. km in Forest cover among all other states.

Area wise, Madhya Pradesh has the highest forest cover in India among all states.

If we see forest cover as percentage of total geographical area of the state, Mizoram with 85.41% is at the top of the list .

The mangrove ecosystem is unique and important as it is rich in Biodiversity. A total area of 4,975 Sq. Km is covered with mangrove forests. 

Forests report

A total area of 54 Sq. Km has been increased since 2017 in India.

Among other states, Gujarat is at the top with an increase of 37 Sq. Km in state.

Indian agencies have worked hard to increase the forest cover in India. 

The agency whom all the credit goes to is the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change.

Secretary Rank senior most IAS officer is the head of this ministry.

This agency is responsible for planning, promoting, coordinating, and overseeing the implementation of forestry programmes in India.

All the credits to those who worked hard to increase the forests. We should multiply the forest cover more so that the future generation can breathe in fresh air.