Ganges Shark:- The True River Shark of India

Ganges Shark

River Ganga has a species of Shark which is called the”Ganges Sharks”. It is commonly found in River Ganga, Hoogly, Mahanadi, Brahmaputra rivers in India. They prefers lower reaches of aquatic ecosystem.

It is one of three species of True River Sharks found in the world.

Ganges Shark are critically endangered species and it is a rare species so rare that after being sighted in 2006, it was never seen until 2016 when it emerged at a local fish market of Mumbai.

It is oftenly mistaken as Bull sharks but unlike Bull sharks, Ganges Shark is a true River Shark.

This species can grow upto 204 cm.

Ganges Shark is rare species and has very less human interaction over the years its biological structure enables it to eat small fishes but it cannot and does not want to attack humans.

Ganges Shark is the prey of Ganges Dolphin which is the national aquatic animal of India.

Ganges Dolphin
Ganges Dolphin

To know more about Ganges Dolphins

This species is believed to be less than 250 according to the International Union of Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources Red List.

These species are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act of India.

If anyone tries to hunt them as a result they will be punished under law.

Ganges River sharks travel almost 100 km for the migration purpose but it is believed that it is not for mating purposes and it is yet to discover what they do by traveling this far?.