Gautam Adani – A journey to the top


Gautam Adani is the richest person in India and he is $19 billion(₹1,900 crore) wealthier than Mukesh Ambani. But he was not born rich, his hard work made him India’s richest man and world’s 5th richest man.

Lets know about the journey of Gautam Adani :- 

Adani’s Early Life :-

He was born on 24 June 1962. His parents were Shantilal and Shanti Adani and they belong to a Gujarati Jain family in Ahmedabad. His father, Shantilal Adani was a small textile merchant. They migrated from the town of Tharad in the northern part of Gujarat. Gautam Adani has 7 siblings. He went to Sheth Chimanlal Nagindas Vidyalaya School in Ahmedabad. He went to Gujarat University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, but dropped out after second year.

Beginning of his carrer :-

Adani was ambitious for business but not on father’s textile business. To follow his ambition he moved to Mumbai in 1978, when he was just a teenager, to work as a diamond sorter for Mahendra Brothers.  

He went back to Ahmedabad in 1981, when his elder brother Mansukhbhai Adani invited him to manage the Plastic unit, which he bought at that time. This advancement turned out to be the path of Adani to global trading through PVC(PolyVinylChloride) imports.   

He started importing primary polymers for small-scale industries in 1985. 

He established Adani Exports which is now Adani Enterprise and also the holding company of Adani Group in 1988, at first the company dealt in agricultural and power commodities.

During 1991, he started expanding his business into trading of metals, textiles and agro products in favorable condition because of economic liberalization policies

In 1994, Adani got the contact of managerial outsourcing of Mundra Port from the Government of Gujarat. They set up their first dock in 1995 and the operations operated by Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone were transferred to Adani Ports and SEZ (APSEZ).

Today, the company is the largest multi-port operator with the capacity of handling close to 210 million tons of cargo every year. 

Gautam Adani founded the power business arm of the Adani Group in 1996 and he entered the power generation business in 2006. He acquired Abbot Point port in Australia and Carmichael Coal mine in Queensland between 2009 and 2012. 

Power projects of Gautam Adani :-

Adani won the world’s largest solar bid by the Solar Energy Corporation In India worth ₹600 crores. Adani Green will take 8000MW photovoltaic power plant project and will establish additional solar cells of 2000MW. 

he acquired a 74% stake in Mumbai International Airport which is India’s second busiest airport after New Delhi. 

Gautam Adani became the richest man in India in February 2022 surpassing Mukesh Ambani and he made ties with Seth Corporation to expand his business in Nepal. 

Gautam Adani’s Personal Life :-

Gautam Adani with his wife

Priti Adani is the wife of Gautam Adani and the couple has two children Karan Adani and Jeet Adani. Paridhi Adani is the wife of Karan Adani.

Gautam Adani family

He was held hostage for ransom in 1998, but was released without collecting the money. 

Gautam Adani was in the Taj Hotel during the 2008 Mumbai Attacks