Gotu Kola – The Longevity Herb in Ayurveda

Gotu Kola

Indian Ayurveda has herbs that can enhance one’s Immunity like the herb Giloy and has herbs that can enhance brain functioning like Ginseng but did you know that In Ayurveda there is a herb called the Herb of Longevity. It is not a rare herb actually as it grows widely in temperate and tropical climatic conditions and in India, it is native to the warm and swampy area of India. 

Name :-Gotu Kola
Botanical Name :-Centella asiatica
Other Names :-It is known by many names :-
1. Mandukaparni in Sanskrit
2. Vallarai Keerai in Tamil
3. Swaraswataku in Telugu
4. Asiatic Pennywort in English 
Gotu kola benefits :-It has many benefits :-
1. Boosts Brain Functioning.
2. Lowers stress and Anxiety.
3. Relieve Joint Pain
4. Promotes gut health
5. Good for Skin

What is Gotu Kola ?

Gotu kola

Gotu kola botanically called Centella asiatica and commonly called Indian Pennywort is a herb utilised in a wide variety of therapeutic applications. It contains significant amounts of proteins, the B vitamins, vitamin C, the minerals iron and calcium and antioxidants belonging to carotenoid and flavonoid groups. They are known for their innumerable health benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gotu kola good for?

It has the power to boost brainpower, heal skin issues, and promote liver and kidney health that’s why it is named as the “herb of longevity”.

Is Gotu Kola good for the brain ?

Yes, it is good for the brain as it is known to boost Cognitive Functioning because of the  antioxidant asiatic acid and its derivatives

Is Gotu kola good for sleep ?

Yes, it is good for sleep as it causes sleepiness and slowed breathing. It can also cause sleepiness and slowed breathing.

Is Gotu kola good for hair ?

Yes, it is good for hair as it is used to strengthen hair and promote hair growth.

Is Gotu Kola good for skin ?

Yes, it is good for skin as it is great for stimulating collagen. It also protects your skin from free radicals and UV rays.

Gotu Kola Benefits 

Gotu kola Benefits

Boosts Brain Functioning :- It is beneficial in improving overall cognition and is more effective in improving memory domain. They comprise profuse volumes of the antioxidant asiatic acid and its derivatives. This provides neuroprotective effects to cells in the brain, advancing memory and learning. It also helps in slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s and dementia, in older people affected by the disease.

Lowers Stress and Anxiety :- It is filled with nutrients that promote oxygen supply to the brain, They are very beneficial in decreasing levels of stress, anxiety and depression. It also has mild sedative properties and is hence useful for those suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders. 

Relieves Joint Pain :- Its  flavonoids and carotenoids remove toxins from the body and its high calcium content fortifies bones. This ayurvedic herb also supplies valuable anti-inflammatory effects to swollen, painful joints, hence efficiently reducing discomfort in ailments such as arthritis.

Promotes Gut Health :-  They possess the quality of being able to regulate digestion as it is loaded with proteins and vitamin C. It can also promote mucous secretions in the intestines which can help combat the increased acidity in severe gastric ulcers and effectively heal stomach aches.

Good for Skin :- It is often featured as a key ingredient in serums, eye creams and beauty oils. It can also be consumed as tea or taken as a food supplement. It helps in boosting the collagen, forestalling the presence of wrinkles, pigmentation and other ageing issues.


Gotu kola contains certain chemicals that seem to decrease swelling and blood pressure. It also seems to increase collagen production, which might be helpful for wound healing.

People use gotu kola for burns and poor circulation that can lead to varicose veins. It is also used for scars, stretch marks, and many other conditions