Guggul Herb – Benefits and Effects

Guggul Herb

In Indian Ayurveda, there are herbs like Giloy, Mulethi which are beneficial for almost everyone but guys do you knoe that there is herb which has the anti cancer property.  It is the herb named Guggul scientifically calledCommiphora mukul

Whai Is Guggul ?


Guggul is an oleo gum resin and contains gum and volatile oils. It also contains amino acids, sugars, essential oils, flavonoids,etc and has been used in the Indian traditional system for thousands of years to manage inflammation, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, obesity, and lipid metabolism disorders. 

It is also known as Guggula, Gugar, Guggal, and Indian bdellium.

In India almost every language has a different name for it like 

  • Guggul Dhoop and Kanth Gan in Kashmiri
  • Guggulu in Oriya
  • Guggula in Bengali
  • Guggul in Assamese
  • Guggal, Gugal, Gugar in Gujarati
  • Muqil (Shihappu) in Urdu
  • Guggal in Punjabi
  • Makishakshi guggulu
  • Guggipannu in Telugu
  • Mahisaksi Guggalu in Tamil
  • Mahishaksh, Guggul in Marathi
  • Gulgulu, Guggulu in Malayalam
  • Guggala, Kanthagana, Guggal, Mahishaksha guggulu, Guggulugida, Guggala, Guggulu in Kannada

Frequently asked Questions 

How to identify a Guggul plant ?

You can identify it easily by its appearance as the guggul tree is a small, bushy tree and has thorny branches. It makes yellowish gum resin in small ducts found all over its bark. 

What is Guggul used for ?

Guggul is used for acne, hardening of the arteries, weight loss, and other conditions too.

Is Guggul good for weight loss ?

Yes, it is good for weight it contains bioactive compounds that are responsible for lipid lowering effect in obesity.

Is Guggul good for the heart ?

Yes, Guggul is very beneficial for Heart as it contains Guggulsterone which shows the heart-protective property. It lowers cholesterol, phospholipid, and glycogen levels and protects the heart against damage.

Does Guggul help in Thyroid ?

Yes, Kanchnar Guggulu provides beneficial results against conditions like chronic gastritis and hypothyroidism. It also helps in  improving digestion and maintaining thyroid function.

Guggul herb Benefits

Lose weight easily :- It helps in treating obesity by promoting fat loss and suppressing appetite.The herbal supplements containing guggul extract helps in treating obesity by promoting weight loss and reducing both skinfold thickness and body circumference.

Relief in Thyroid Disorder :- It improves hypothyroidism, which is a condition in which your thyroid gland doesn’t make enough thyroid hormones to keep your body running normally. It helps it in by increasing iodine uptake and improving the activity of enzymes produced by the thyroid gland

Maintains Cholesterol :- It has become popular for trying to treat high cholesterol. It helps reduce triglyceride, total cholesterol, and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels

Treats Acne :- It can treat acne as it has been shown to be effective in both complementary and alternative treatments for nodulocystic acne due to its medicinal properties.

Treats Skin Infections :- Guggul-based creams extracted from the Boswellia serrata plant have been shown to improve itchiness, redness or skin discoloration, and inflammation in people with psoriasis and eczema.  

Manage Diabetes :- It can help in managing diabetes as it has the ability to lower blood sugar and manage diabetes. It acts as an anti-diabetic, antioxidant and hypolipidemic agent and it may be suggested as a beneficial remedy for diabetic patients.


Guggul contains plant steroids that lower cholesterol and triglycerides. One of these substances also decreases the redness and swelling that occurs in some types of acne. It usually grows up to two or three meters high, that is native to India, Arabia and Pakistan. 

Effects of Guggul Herb :-

This herb have properties and hence it shows different effects and the effects are listed below :-

  • It may show anti-inflammatory property
  • It may show anti-arthritic property
  • It may show anti-hypercholesterolemic properties
  • It may show antithrombotic property 
  • It may show anti-rheumatism property 
  • It may show antihyperlipidemic property
  • It may show carminative activity 
  • It may show antispasmodic property 
  • It may show astringent property
  • It may show heart-protective property
  • It may show antioxidant property
  • It may show antimicrobial property
  • It may show anti-cancer property
  • It may show thyroid stimulatory property