How the Year 2023 will turn out for Gemini people

Gemini Horoscope 2023

In the coming year, on January 17, Saturn will move from Capricorn to Aquarius. Due to this, the bad Luck running on Gemini will end and good luck will rise. Similarly, on April 22, the planet Jupiter will also enter the eleventh house, which is going to be auspicious for Gemini in every way. The next year will come as a turning point in the lives of Gemini people. Know how will be the fate of Gemini people

People whose name starts with Ki, Ku, Gha, D, H, K, Ko, Ch, all of them have been considered as Gemini. The coming year will be very important for this zodiac sign. First of all, on January 17 itself, the bed of Shani running on them will be removed. After this luck will start favoring you. Jupiter in April and Rahu-Ketu in October will also start supporting the people of Gemini. In such circumstances, the people of this zodiac will be able to get whatever they want in the year 2023.

Gemini 2023 Career (मिथुन राशि 2023 करियर)

Talking about career, the year 2023 can prove to be the best year for Gemini. They may have to face huge ups and downs in the first quarter of this year. But after that the train will slowly come back on track. There will be chances to leave the old job and join a better job. Income will also increase manifold. Colleagues and bosses will trust you in the office, and a new project can also be found. New sources of income will be created and income will increase manifold. Can also go abroad in connection with work.

If you do business, there will be all-round growth in that too. According to the next year (2023 Rashifal), on the basis of your hard work and work, you will soon establish your status even among your opponents. Business will fly to new heights from July onwards. There will be growth in business and a new office can also be opened. You will have deals with big companies, which will become a means of earning profits for you in future as well.

The combination of planets can make you buy a property between March and April. You can also buy a new car in October. A new car can prove to be lucky for you and can change your fortune as soon as it arrives.

Gemini 2023 family and love relationship (मिथुन राशी 2023 प्रेम जीवन)

The time of January is going to be very challenging for you. There can be a rift in married life. If you leave the time between January and April, then love affairs will be normal. Things will start getting normal from April onwards. The distance between husband and wife will start disappearing. Love affair can turn into marriage with the consent of family members.

Family life will also be pleasant. Will spend time with family after July. Respect will increase in the house too. With the blessings of parents, all your work will go on automatically. Family conditions will improve after Jupiter changes its zodiac sign in April. However, there is a need to be a little careful in July, otherwise there may be differences in the family due to any property dispute.

Gemini 2023 studies (मिथुन राशि 2023 शिक्षा)

For students whose zodiac sign is Gemini, time will be good for them from March onwards. Youth preparing for competitive exams can be selected in the interview. For students who want to go abroad for further studies, the time after April is becoming favorable. Due to the auspicious aspect of Devguru Brihaspati, the students will get desired success.

Gemini 2023 Health (मिथुन राशि 2023 स्वास्थ्य)

Health will be weak at the beginning of the year. Due to the conjunction of Saturn and Mars, chances of an accident are being created. Drive the vehicle carefully. Due to Rahu-Ketu conjunction, you will be troubled by stomach related diseases throughout the year. Avoid eating and drinking outside, otherwise health can happen. In case of any problem contact the doctors immediately. Negligence may have to be repented.

Overall, the year 2023 is going to be very good for the people of Gemini. This year they will get many opportunities to move forward and progress. If they can convert challenges into opportunities in time, then such people will go far ahead in life.

Do these measures (मिथुन राशि के उपाय)

Although this year will be good for you, yet due to the unfavorable position of many planets, there may be some problems in life. For this it would be appropriate to take the following measures.

While preparing a morning meal, first of all make roti for the cow and feed it to the cow.

Recite Vishnu Sahasranama, Gajendra Moksha Source or Shri Ram Raksha Source every day. Recitation of these will remove the bad effect of all the inauspicious planets.

For growth in business and progress in career, fast on Wednesdays and offer moong ladoos to Ganesha.

Lucky colors for Gemini: Green

Lucky Metals for Gemini: Silver and Copper

Lucky numbers for Gemini:  3 and 6

Lucky Stones for Gemini : Panna