Indian Naval Academy- World’s third largest Naval Academy

Indian Naval Academy

India has a 7,516 Km of coastline which is an easy route for our enemies to invade. We need strong and powerful defence to protect our country from any attack like the attacks of 26/11. We need a massive force to protect our coastlines from enemies. To produce such a massive force we have INA (Indian Naval Academy) which is continuously providing braves and strong marines who are protecting our country India.

Indian Naval Academy

Indian Naval Academy

Indian Naval Academy (INA) is an establishment for defence service training of the Indian Naval Service and the Indian Coast Guard which are located at Ezhimala, Kannur district, Kerala. It conducts all the basic training of the inducted officers into the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. It has a 7 Km beach front in the Arabian Sea. 

INA is Asia’s largest and world’s third largest naval academy. It has been awarded the highest honour of a military unit named President’s Colour.  


After Independence NDA (National Defence Academy) was established in 1954 as the joint services academy of the Indian Armed Forces. 

Indian Navy realised that NDA is unable to keep up with the expanding staff requirements and it also needed an additional space and facilities for the officers and sailors so that they can advance their maritime skills. 

To match the staff requirement, the Indian Naval Academy was established in May 1969 at Cochin. Later, the space requirement was revised to consolidate training effort in a single location for cost-effective operation. 

The Government of India approved the development of a new campus for the Indian Naval Academy. In 1982, the Central Government approved the construction of the academy at Ezhimala and granted the Kerala Government a soft, medium-term loan for acquiring the land from private owners and the resettlement of the evacuees.

The first Commandant of the INA was Vice Admiral MP Muralidharan and the first Deputy Commandant was Rear Admiral Kapil Gupta.

On 8 January 2009 the Indian Naval Academy, was inaugurated by then prime minister Manmohan Singh. Originally envisaged to cost ₹1.66 billion in 1987, the final project cost in 2009 was ₹7.21 billion.

Present Accomodation

The academy has uniformed and civilian staff for training and administrative support. It had 161 officers, 47 professors/lecturers, 502 sailors and 557 defence civilians in 2010. The campus includes accommodation facilities for staff and their families, with a capacity of about 4000. Of Indian Naval Academy.

Message from EncycloIndia 

The Team of EncycloIndia give a huge salute to the naval officers who are protecting our borders we must always remember that we are safe just because of them.