Worlds Third Highest Quantity Of Frigates


The Indian Navy has the third highest number of frigates in the world after China and Japan.

Frigates are the intermediate ships between corvettes and destroyers.

India currently has 13 frigates of four classes.

1. Shivalik class

2. Talwar class

3. Brahmaputra class

4. Godavari class

Shivalik class


Shivalik class ahips are currently in service in the Indian Navy. It is a class of multi-role frigates.

A total of three ships were built to serve the Indian Navy in between 2000 and 2010. 

All ships of the Shivalik class were commissioned by 2012.

They were the first stealth warships built in India.

Ships were named after Hill ranges in India.

Shivalik Class ShipsCommissionedOrigin
INS Shivalik29 April 2010India 
INS Satpura20 August 2011India
INS Sahyadri21 July 2012India

Talwar class


The Talwar class ships were built by Russia for the Indian Navy.

It is a guided missile frigate equipped with anti submarine sensors and communication equipment.

Each ship has a displacement of 4,000 tons. Talwar class ships can gain a speed of 56 km/hr.

It has a capability of doing a variety of missions and is commonly used for eliminating submarines and large surface ships.

Talwar Class ShipsCommissionedOrigin
INS Talwar 18 June 2003Russia
INS Trishul24 November 2000Russia
INS Tabar25 May 2001Russia
INS Teg 27 April 2012Russia
INS Tarkash 9 November 2012Russia
INS Trikand29 June 2013Russia

Brahmaputra class


Brahmaputra class ships are designed and built in India. They are guided missile frigates of the Indian Navy.

Three ships of this class currently serve in the Indian Navy.

They are named after Indian rivers.

Brahmaputra Class ShipsCommissioned Origin
INS Brahmaputra14 April 2000India
INS Betwa7 July 2004India
INS Beas11 July 2005India


Godavari class

Godavari class ships are the first warships designed and developed by the Indian Navy.

One ship of this class serves the Indian Navy. The ships are named after the Indian rivers. INS Gomati was the first Indian Navy ship to employ a digital electronics combat data system.

Godavari Class ShipsCommissionedOrigin
INS Gomati16 April 1988India