Indian Navy is the third most powerful in terms of…..

Indian Navy

Indian Navy is the third most powerful in terms of Naval Destroyers. India have more destroyers than Russia.

Naval Destroyers are fast, long-distance warships intended to escort large vessels and defend them against short range attackers.

INS Ranjit is the first naval destroyer commissioned in Indian Navy on 26 September 1983 and was built by the United Kingdom.

The Indian Navy Currently has 10 Naval Destroyers. They are distributed in four classes :-

  1. Rajput Class
  2. Delhi Class 
  3. Kolkata Class
  4. Visakhapatnam Class

Rajput Class

Indian Navy
INS Rajput

The Rajput-class guided missile destroyers were built for the Indian Navy by the former Soviet Union. They are the modified versions of  Kashin Class destroyers also known as Kashin-II class.

The BrahMos missile was first deployed by The Rajput Class.

The two ships of Rajput Class has been decommissioned are :-    

  1. INS Ranjit (1983-2019)
  2. INS Rajput  (1980-2021).

The ships commissioned In Indian Navy are:-

Rajput-Class ShipsCommissionedOrigin
INS Rana28 June 1982Soviet Union
INS Ranvir28 August 1986Soviet Union
INS Ranvijay21 December 1987Soviet Union

Delhi Class

Indian Navy
INS Delhi

The Delhi Class are the third largest warships designed and built in India.  

They were built by Mazagon Dock Limited in Mumbai. 

These class destroyers are capable of operating in a nuclear, biological and chemical warfare environment.  

These ships are equipped with 5 x 533mm torpedo tubes and 2 x RBU-6000 anti submarine rocket launchers with 12 tubes. 

The Ships Commissioned In Indian Navy are:-

Delhi-Class ShipsCommissioned Origin
INS Delhi14 November 1987India
INS Mysore 2 February 1991India
INS Mumbai14 December 1992India

Kolkata Class

INS Kolkata

The Kolkata class is a class of guided missile destroyers equipped with stealth technology. It is designed and built by Mazagon Dock Limited.

Kolkata class destroyers are the largest destroyers in the Indian Navy. 

They have the standard displacement of 6,800 tons and have the full load displacement of 7,400 tons.

Their ship armament includes :-

4 x 8 cell vertical launching system

4 x AK-630 CIWS 

The Ships commissioned in Indian Navy are

Kolkata-Class Destroyers Commissioned Origin
INS Kolkata16 August 2014India
INS Kochi30 September 2015India
INS Chennai21 November 2016India 

Visakhapatnam Class

Indian Navy
INS Visakhapatnam

The Visakhapatnam class is under construction. It is a class of stealth guided missile destroyers built in India.

This class will have enhanced stealth characteristics and state of art weaponry sensors including long range Barak-8 surface to air missiles.

Armed with a 76mm rail gun and AK-630 close in Anti-missile gun system. 

The ships commissioned in Indian Navy are:-

Visakhapatnam-Class DestroyersCommissionedOrigin
INS Visakhapatnam 21 November 2021India