Indian Navy Submarines

Indian Navy

Indian Navy is one of the six Naval Powers of the world having nuclear powered submarines.

Submarines are watercraft vessels capable of underwater operations. Widely used in World War-I and now used in many Navies.

It is used for attacking enemy ships and submarines and it has a large range and capabilities.

Indian Navy posses 16 conventionally powered submarines of four classes :-

1. Arihant class

2. Shishumar class

3. Sindhughosh class

4. Kalvari class

Arihant class

Arihant class is a new class of nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine which is under development by the Indian Navy.

Indian Navy

They are capable of nuclear Strike.

Arihant class is the first nuclear powered submarine built by a country other than five permanent members of the United Nation Security Council.

They have been developed under the 90,000 crore Rupees Advanced Technology Vessel Project.

Arihant Class SubmarinesCommissioned Status
INS Arihant August 2016Active

Shishumar class

Indian Navy

Shishumar class submarines are in active service of the Indian Navy.

They are diesel electric attack submarines developed by German Yard Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft (HDW).

The first two shishumar class submarines were built by HDW and the rest were built at Mazagon Dock Limited.

It has a displacement of 1600 tons and a high speed of 41 km/hr.

It requires a crew of 40 members and 8 officers.

Their dimensions are:-

Length:- 64.4 m

Beam:- 6.5 m

Draught:- 6 m

Shishumar Class Submarines CommissionedHome Port
INS Shishumar 22 September 1986Mumbai 
INS Shankush20 November 1986Mumbai 
INS Shalki7 February 1992Mumbai 
INS Shankul28 May 1994Mumbai 

Sindhu Ghosh class

Sindhu Ghosh class is a class of submarines currently serving the Indian Navy.

Sindhu Ghosh Class

Theese submarines are kilo class diesel electric submarines and were built under contract by Russia and India.

It has a displacement of 3000 tons and can dive depth up to 300 m. They can gain a speed of 35 km/hr.

It contains a crew of 53 members including 13 officers.

Their dimensions are:-

Length:-72.6 m

Beam:-9.9 m

Draught:- 6.6 m

Sindhughosh Class SubmarinesCommissionedHome Port
INS Sindhughosh 30 April 1986Mumbai 
INS Sindhudhvaj12 June 1987Mumbai 
INS Sindhuraj20 October 1987Mumbai 
INS Sindhuvir20 August 1988Mumbai 
INS Sindhuratna22 December 1988Mumbai 
INS Sindhukesari16 February 1989Visakhapatnam 
INS Sindhukirti4 January 1990Visakhapatnam 
INS Sindhuvijay18 March 1991Visakhapatnam 
INS Sindhurakshak24 December 1997Mumbai 
INS Sindhushastra19 July 2000Visakhapatnam 

Kalvari class

Kalvari class submarines were built for the Indian Army.

They were designed by the French Naval defense and manufactured at Mazagon Dock Limited, Mumbai.

Kalvari class logo

These submarines are diesel electric attack submarines and have a displacement of 1775 tons.

It can gain a speed of 37 km/hr.

Its crew contains 8 officers and 35 sailors.

Their Dimensions are:-

Length:- 67.5 m

Beam:- 6.2 m

Height:- 12.3 m

Draught:- 5.8 m 

Kalvari Class Submarine Commissioned Status 
INS Kavari 14 December 2017Active
INS Khanderi 28 September 2019Active
INS Karanj 10 March 2021Active
INS Vela25 November 2021Active
INS Vagir2022 (Expected)Sea Trials
INS Vagsheer2022 (Expected)Under Construction