The Protector of our Sea for more than 20 years

INS Mumbai

INS Mumbai is a guided missile destroyer currently in service with the Indian Navy for more than 20 years. Its home port is in Mumbai. INS Mumbai was commissioned on 22 January 2001 and since then it has been serving our country. INS Mumbai was built at Mazagon Dock Limited. Its construction was started on 12 December 1992 and was launched on 20 March 1995.

INS Mumbai’s motto is”Aham Prayptam Tvidametesam Balam” which means “I am Invincible”.

INS Mumbai has a length of 163 m and has a speed of 59 km/h. 

INS Mumbai has advanced weapons and missiles and can be used in strategic deployment of the Air Force. INS Mumbai was used in the military standoff of India-Pakistan in 2001-2002 under Operation Parakram.

It was a response by India after the Terrorist attack on Parliament Of India. This was the biggest deployment of troops by both nations since the Kargil war. After the speech of President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, which intends to release the tensions between the nations. Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, though he doubted the words of Musharraf he decided not to carry out a military attack as planned on 14 January.  

INS Mumbai was also used in evacuation programs-Operation Sukoon, Operation Raahat. In these programs many lives of Indians were saved.

In Operation Sukoon, more than 2,280 Indians were evacuated during the Lebanon war.

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In Operation Raahat, more than 4,460 Indians were saved during the Yeminin crisis.  

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INS Mumbai is a Naval ship, which was mostly used to save the people of India. It has been protecting our seas for 20 years and it is still protecting it. In any war situation it can protect and attack our enemies because of its advanced technology and power.