Isabgol/Psyllium husk- The Natural laxative of Ayurveda

Isabgol benefits

In Indian Ayurveda there are herbs with laxative properties. Herbs like Ajwain have the properties to make your digestive system healthy. But there is a herb which has the natural capability of enhancing digestive health and also works as a laxative. The herb is called the Isabgol husk or psyllium husk.

Botanical NamePlantago ovata
Other names It is known by many names  :-
Ispaghula, Isabgol, Ashwakarna, Psyllium, Flea seed and Sand Plantain.
Sheetabeeja, Ashwakarna in Sanskrit
Isabgol in Hindi
Isafghol in Gujarati
Isofgolu in Kannada
Ishagula in Telugu
Iskolvirain in Tamil
Isabgol benefits Isabgol has numerous benefits :-
1. Promotes Healthy Digestion
2. Treats Constipation
3. Good for weight loss
4. Maintains blood sugar
5. Maintains Cholesterol
6. Good for skin

What is Isabgol ?

isabgol plant or Psyllium husk

Isabgol husk (Plantago ovata) or Psyllium husk, is an oily and gluey herb with a sweet, astringent taste and has a cooling effect on the body. They are rich in fibre and mucilage. Mucilage is a colourless gelling agent capable of expanding in volume. It is a powerful herb that promotes digestive health. India is the largest producer and exporter of this wonder herb.

Frequently Asked Questions about Isabgol

What is Isabgol used for ?

It is used for treating various digestive related problems such as constipation. They contain fibre which helps to increase stool and promote laxation. It is also good for weight loss.

Is Isabgol good for gas ?

Yes, it is good for gas as it is primarily used to relieve bloating, gas, diarrhoea, and constipation in stomach-related troubles. Isabgol also helps treat diabetes and cholesterol.

Does Isabgol reduce weight ? 

Yes, it helps in weight loss as it can control appetite and detoxify the system. isabgol helps in reducing calorie intake and promoting weight loss.

Is Isabgol hot or cold for the body ?

It is an oily and gluey herb with a sweet, astringent taste and has a cooling effect on the body.

Is Isabgol good for Skin ?

Yes, it is good for skin as it acts as a great exfoliator and works wonderfully in brightening the skin. It especially removes the scars and eliminates toxins.  

Isabgol benefits

isabgol benefits

Promotes Healthy Digestion

 It is a powerful detoxifier that works well in cleansing the gastrointestinal wall and removing all unwanted toxins. They support the healthy functioning of the digestive tract by cleansing the passage. They allow the food to pass through the intestinal tract. It also acts as a digestive stimulant and offers instant relief from stomach ulcers, acidity, colitis and other digestive problems.

Treats Constipation

It is a natural laxative and has both soluble and insoluble fibre which helps in easing the constipation. It has a gelatinous substance present in it which forms a gel when soaked in water. The laxative properties of the gel absorb bacteria and harmful toxins in the intestine. It increases the lubrication inside the stomach wall which aids in treating constipation.

Good for weight loss 

It is a natural remedy that can help in losing weight. Isabgol can control appetite and detoxify the system. The dietary fibre forms a compound that curbs the food cravings, increases satiety, reduces body weight, and fat intake. Hence it  helps in reducing calorie intake and promoting weight loss.

Maintains blood sugar 

It is a good source of dietary fibre in the diet. Fibre helps to slow down the absorption of glucose and maintain the blood glucose levels. The goodness of fibre and natural gelatin substance in it is well-known to significantly reduce blood sugar spike and control diabetes.

Maintains Cholesterol

Isabgol binds to fats and bile acids which allows the excretion of cholesterol from the body. It also increases bile acid synthesis and lowers bad cholesterol. They remarkably increase good cholesterol . It also controls further absorption of cholesterol and triglycerides from the food and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Good for skin

Isabgol gives good results in case of skin problems like acne or pimples. It acts as a great exfoliator and works wonderfully in brightening the skin. They help to manage inflammation of the skin as well as heal wounds. It also helps to reduce dryness and promotes the naturally glowing skin.


Isabgol is a powerful natural laxative and used since ancient times for treating constipation, diarrhoea and controlling blood pressure and diabetes. Its active ingredient Metamucil is used in making dietary supplements which helps to relieve constipation. It is also a commonly used ingredient in the production of breakfast cereals which aids to lower cholesterol levels and promotes healthy digestion.