ISRO vs Spacex- A New Debate in the Year 2023

ISRO vs Spacex

ISRO vs Spacex, the talks on this issue arose when the World Record of ISRO of launching 104 satellites in one go was broken by the Spacex which launched 143 Satellites in one go.

However India still holds many great achievements in Space you can read:- Top 10 ISRO Greatest Achievements in the world. But this began a new debate about who will win in ISRO vs Spacex. Both the organizations have a great inspiring history and now both are one of the best space organizations in the world. In this article let’s compare these two prominent space organizations.

ISRO vs Spacex

ISRO vs spacex

Let’s begin with the origins of these two organizations. The establishment of ISRO had the name of the two most famous and great scientists – Vikram Sarabhai and Homi J Bhabha. It is an inspiring story that the first rocket launch of India shows how much India has progressed. To transport the first rocket Indians used bicycles and bullock carts and then assembled it and successfully launched the rocket. ISRO was established in 1962 and has an experience of more than 60 years in the field of space.

Spacex was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk. He stated that his goal was to reduce the space transportation cost and enable the colonization of mars. Spacex faced many failures and there was a time when people thought that this organization would be shut down but their determination made them what they are now.  Spacex has an experience of more than 20 years

Budget- ISRO vs Spacex

ISRO vs spacex

ISRO is a national space agency of India and it has an annual budget of Rs 12,544 Crore in 2023-24. Indian SSLV-D1 costs Rs 34 Crore per launch. SSLV full form is a Small Satellite Launch Vehicle. ISRO also charges Rs 20 Lakh per kg of payload on its PSLV rocket. 

Now if we talk about the Spacex, in 2021, the Spacex was valued at $100 Billion which is equivalent to Rs 82 Lakh Crore. They charge $67 million per launch which is equivalent to Rs 549 crores. 

If we look at the budget and costs, India is more affordable but the difference is because India mainly sends small satellites whereas Spacex is capable of sending heavy satellites in space. If we compare it by weight capacity ISRO can send 1,750 kg of payload to Sun-Synchronous Polar Orbits of 600 km altitude. Spacex can send 63,800 kg of payload to low Earth orbit.


ISRO vs spacex

If we talk about the achievements, ISRO has one of the greatest achievements of reaching Mars on the first try in its Mars Orbiter Mission. It is a feat which is not achieved by any of the other space agencies in the world. The Budget of this mission was even less than a Hollywood Movie which makes it more commendable work and achievement. 

Spacex was established with the goal of colonizing Mars and they are still doing their best to achieve it and fortunately they might achieve it too. Their achievement will definitely make a path for humanity. The greatest achievement has been the reusable rockets technology they developed and this is also one of the biggest reasons for their rapid growth.  

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