Know about yourself if Your Heart Number is 1

Heart Number 1

If your heart number or Soul Urge Number is 1 then you are a born leader. The idiom “You are not a follower but a leader” fits you perfectly. This number demands independence, individuality and originality. 

You can wield powerful energies with your strong will. Perhaps even bend situations and circumstances to get the results you’re after. You live life on your own terms. Such a fountain of high power energy makes it easy for you to manifest whatever you set your mind to.

Soul urge number 1 enables you to make difficult decisions that others may shy away from.

People trust your judgements and admire you. 

Some may even envy you. Most of them like to follow you. Make sure you are always in alignment with your own wisdom and the purpose of your soul to manifest these. And if you are willing to work hard, then success will come naturally to you.

If you have Heart Number 1, you have these positive traits :- 

Charismatic Personality :- You are always the center of attention.While you do work hard and like to lead, you are also thoughtful of others. This is because, as a good leader, you feel a responsibility towards anyone who’s on your team. Besides, you have a compelling personality. You are original, and your demeanor demands respect, which often makes you the life of the party.

Highly enthusiastic :-  You are a highly enthusiastic person. Whatever it is in business, community or in your general area of expertise, you are driven to be a reigning figure. You are a highly intelligent person who believes in himself. Not many things attract you, you only commit things you completely believe in.

You might wanna deal with these negative traits to gain success in life :- 

Arrogance :- Your high self confidence may lead you to the path of arrogance. There’s a saying which says “I can do it, is my confidence but only I can do it is my arrogance”. So you should stay conscious that your self confidence doesn’t become arrogance. You may believe that you are the only qualified person in a group of people. This gives you the confidence you need to get people to follow your ideas. However, it’s worth remembering that not everyone wants to be led.

Overly competitive :- Being competitive is a positive trait but your confidence may lead you to become overly competitive. Sometimes you should let go of winning. If you pursue it more it may bring out some negative parts of your personality and hinder your life path.