Know about yourself if your Heart Number is 7

Heart Number 7

If your Heart Number is 7 then You’re an incredible researcher – a perfectionist when it comes to data collection. You have an introverted personality and have a love for knowledge, study and insight and you might also like to enjoy mental and physical puzzles. 

Know about yourself if your Heart Number is 6

Number Seven heart number is discrimination and strives for the best. You really want the best that life has to offer. You aim for perfection, which can be hard to achieve. 

You probably feel like you’re on a very different wavelength than most people and can feel somewhat detached from the world at large.

The main reasons for your introverted and contemplative quality is that you’re constantly processing information, received via your exquisite skills of perception.

You are very intuitive, which seems contrary to your analytical side, but you have both abilities. This makes you very outstanding and will help you in your life, as your intuition can help you work out if something is useful or good for you in the first place and your analytical abilities can make it work for you in the long term.

If your Heart Number is 7, you have these positive traits in yourself :- 

Intelligent :- You are an incredible researcher, and have a great thirst for knowledge. Your love for knowledge, study and insight makes you an intelligent person. Your extraordinary mental talents are cultivating knowledge, processing it into new ideas, spiritual insight, or practical usage. Accumulating knowledge and information is your plus point so try to use it in your life.

Idealistic :- You are an idealistic person who always wants things to work out in the right way. You dislike doing things going wrong because of mistakes. Your confidence in your knowledge and study enables you to plan for almost every situation. Mostly your intuition also paid off so you believe that your plan will not fail and people might call you an idealist. 

You must be vary of these negative traits of your personality :- 

Intolerant  :- Be careful about using sharp words, as you can hurt people without realizing it.  You can be highly misunderstood or misinterpreted by others. You can give off an aloof attitude that others mistake for “intolerance”. Remember to hear everyone’s opinion and add it to your knowledge so that you can plan it easily. Your confidence in your study might make you intolerant and arrogant so be wary of that. 

Distant :- Beware that your introverted personality might make you distant from others. See the personality of a researcher is mostly being distant from society and since you have such a trait you must know that being distant does no good. Remember to meet with friends and family often so that you can also ease your stress.