Know everything about the Gallantry Awards of India

Gallantry Awards of India

The Government of India has distributed 4,265 gallantry awards till today in India. But many people don’t even know about the gallantry awards. So, for them the team of EncycloIndia has written this article. In this article you will know about the gallantry awards of India.

What are Gallantry Awards ?

To honor the acts of bravery and sacrifice of the officers/personnel of the Armed Forces, other lawfully constituted Forces and civilians the Government of India have instituted the Gallantry Awards.

The Gallantry awards are an initiative to give our soldiers pride and honor for their bravery. Also there are certain rates of Monetary Allowance Attached to Gallantry awards also to make sure that they get monetary benefits also. The awards and monetary benefits are just some very small things which we can give to our soldiers to admire their bravery.

Since 11 July 2019, the Indian Army allows close relatives of deceased military personnel to wear their medals on the right side of the chest while attending homage ceremonies at war memorials, cemeteries and funerals.

What are the Types of Gallantry Awards?

There are two types of Gallantry Awards in India :- 

1. War Time Gallantry Awards

2. Peace Time Gallantry Awards

What are War time Gallantry Award ?

There are three wartime gallantry awards which were instituted by the Government of India on 26th January, 1950 which were deemed to have effect from the 15th August, 1947. The highest war time gallantry award is the Param Vir Chakra.

The three wartime gallantry awards are :-

Param Vir Chakra 

 Highest gallantry awards Param Vir Chakra

Maha Vir Chakra 

Maha Vir Chakra

Vir Chakra

Vir Chakra

What are PeaceTime Gallantry Award ?

There are three peacetime awards which were instituted on 4 January 1952. The highest peace time gallantry award is the Ashok Chakra.

At first they were called Ashok Chakra (Class l), Ashok Chakra (Class ll), Ashok Chakra (Class lll). They were renamed on 27 January 1967 as :-

Ashoka Chakra

Highest Peace time gallantry awards Ashok Chakra

Kirti Chakra

Kirti Chakra

Shaurya Chakra 

Shaurya Chakra

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