Luxury, Fame and Attraction wear Diamond without hesitation…



Diamond or Opal is a bright sparkling gemstone. This gemstone is used for positive effect of Venus. If native wants to wear diamond then he/she wears at least 1 carat of pure Diamond which costs around  one and quarter lakh rupee(1.25 lakh). 

Wearing either diamond or opal gemstone increases your smartness and makes you attractive. You will never face scanty money in your life. 

Who can wear:

Diamond is a gemstone of Planet Venus which is an auspicious planet therefore anyone can wear this without any hesitation. However if native birth chart possesses planet Venus at benefic house and Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius present at Lagna then also wearing diamond will be beneficial for them. 

Opal Ring

Native Venus is weak or lower degree than wearing Opal or Diamond impart a positive effect to them.

If Venus is superior and makes Malvayay Conjunction and Amla Conjunction then this gemstone is very beneficial. 

Person involved in business like jewelry, designing, beauty, decorative materials, perfumes, articles related to ladies, leisures, film making etc then wearing diamond or Opal increases their business swiftly. 

If native suffers from sexual problem and taking medicine. Then wearing Opal will increase their recovery speed.

How to wear:

Native should wear at least 1 carat of Diamond, for Opal gemstone more then 5 carat is suffice.

Ring or pendant both are equally benefited but their caveat should be made of silver or white gold. This gemstone is worn on friday at venus constellation. Wearing it on wednesday is also permissible. 

Apart from Opal native can also wear white topaz or zircon as a sub-stone.


If you wear diamond or its sub stone then you should avoid wearing Ruby, Pearl, Red coral and Yellow Sapphire. 

If in the birth chart Venus is lord of the 6th, 7th and 8th house and superior but with a debilitated zodiac or affected by bad planets, then you should not wear diamonds.

Market of diamond and Opal:

Diamonds which are effective according to astrology come at least 1.25 lakh INR. Prices of Opal gemstone start from 600 per carat. Depending upon their fiery appearance their price goes upto 50,000 rupee per carat. 

White topaz and zircon, also cheap and good quality stones are present at 500/- per carat in the Indian market.