Know all about the last ride of CDS Bipin Rawat.

Mi-17 Helicopters

Mi-17 Helicopter was the aircraft in which our first CDS (Chief Of Defence Staff) Bipin Rawat died. When it crashed near Coornoor,TamilNadu and 14 personnel died in crash along with CDS Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat. This accident happened on 08 December 2021, when CDS Bipin Rawat went to attend an event and was returning from it.

Indian Air Force has Mi-17 helicopters since 2012 and it is one of the most advanced aircraft in our Indian Aircrafts.

This Aircraft is originated from Russia and the Indian Government bought it due to its advanced features and its capability to send military aids to difficult areas. 

This can quickly climb up to 18,000 feet. This powerful aircraft entered our Indian Air Force in February 2012. It was worth $1.375 billion and was worth it. 

Mi-17 can carry 4,000kg of weight and can Airlift 37 paratroopers, 12 wounded on stretchers or airlift up to 4 tons of cargo. It is used in VIP transport also. It is powered by two engines.

Mi-17 replaced MI-8s because of their advanced technology and durability. Actually Mi-17 is the transport version of Mi-8s helicopters.

The Indian Air Force currently has almost 160 Mi-17 Helicopters. India is the biggest arms importer of Russia.

India has the second largest army in the world and it needs new and advanced technology weapons to protect its borders.

India has tough border as it includes high peaks like Kargil and Siachen.

This Aircraft is also used for the supply of foods and other necessary materials during natural disasters like flood and used to supply medical facilities in the corona pandemic.