Money, Fame and Mental Peace achieve in gross, Yellow Sapphire…

Yellow Sapphire

Success in your business

Recognition of your work

Improve marriage life

Engross mental peace 

Yellow Sapphire Introduction:

Yellow Sapphire is among auspicious gemstones is very important. Hindi name of this gemstone is Pukhraj This gemstone is very famous among women and they like to wear it very much. Wearers of this gemstone acquire respect and their work or business prosperous. According to Vedic Astrology their lord is Planet Jupiter which is a factor of auspicious work.

Who can wear:

Although anyone can wear this gemstone, those people who possess exalted Jupiter and make Hansh Conjunction rather than wearing this gemstone are more fruitful.

 If Jupiter is owner of triangle house as well as trik house than wearing Pukhraj can diminished bad effect of trik house. 

People who engage in business like worshiping articles, educator, matrimony, providing loan, writing, publication, social service etc they must wear Yellow Sapphire gemstone for desired success. 

If native suffers from cancer, diabetes, disease related kidney and pancreas, fistula, and taking medicine then you should wear Pukhraj too. This will help you to recover fast. 

Native who possess conjunction of Jupiter and Moon, or present in center along with. Then they make Gajkesari Conjunction, in this situation wearing Yellow Sapphire is more beneficial. 

If a girl is having problems with her marriage, then wearing this gemstone can increase the chance of marriage multifold. 

How to wear :

4 carat pukhraj is adviesed to wear. 

It should be studded in Gold or any other yellow metal. 

This ring or pendant is worn on Thursday morning. 

If it is worn in the Jupiter constellation then their benefit is multifold. 

Yellow sapphire can also be worn on Monday. 

Sub stone of this stone is Citrine which is also a very effective gemstone.


this gemstone provides a good effect of Lord Jupiter. Marriage of girl is ease with the yellow sapphire. This gemstone is also useful for respecting women.

For men Yellow Sapphire is very useful for social respect. If native engage in the business of cloth and books then wearing this gemstone is profitable for them.


Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite or Cats eye should never be worn along with Yellow Sapphire. 

Native Belongs to Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius Lagna wear this gemstone only when Jupiter is benefic, otherwise they should not wear it.

Yellow Sapphire in Market:

Pukhraj is mainly available of Srilankan or Bangkok mines. 

Bangkok mines Pukhraj are relatively cheaper. Their price starts from 400/ carat and goes upto 5000/- carat. 

Srilankan mine Yellow Sapphire is very costly. Their price depends upon cutting and clearity. A crystal clear piece of this gemstone can range to 5 lakh per carat. However their price starts from 2500/- carat.

Sub-stone of this gemstone is Citrine. A good quality Citrine costs around 700/- carat. 

Another Stone i.e. Yellow Topaz is also worn in place ofPukhraj. Topaz is also very effective gemstone; their price starts from 800/- carat.