Monkeypox- a new virus outbreak in India ?

Monkeypox Virus

A new virus is ready to attack India. India on Friday stepped up surveillance at all international points for an infectious disease known as Monkeypox. After Coronavirus, India is not ready for another infectious virus outbreak. 


So let’s know how to save yourself from this infectious disease :-

Monkeypox is an infectious disease which was first identified in 1958, among laboratory monkeys. The first cases in humans were found in 1970 in Democratic Republic of Congo. In just 9 years almost 50 cases were reported in humans. Small viral outbreaks occur routinely in Central and West Africa. By 1986, over 400 cases in humans were reported. The first outbreak outside Africa occurred in the United States of America in 2003. In Africa, reports of the risk of death, if untreated, are as high as 10%. 

Transmission :-

It mainly enters through the broken skin, respiratory tract, or the mucous membrane. It can also transmit through animals. If you are bitten or even scratched by an animal who has it, then it can reach you too. Even uncooked or not properly cooked meat of animals can also give you this disease.  

Symptoms of Monkeypox:-

Headache, fever, muscle pain and feeling tired are all the symptoms of Monkeypox. The swollen glands are also one of the symptoms that happen in the lymph nodes. They are identical to the rashes of smallpox. Like smallpox they also begin as small flat spots, then they are filled with clear fluid which later become pus. A person affected by the disease may remain unwell for two or four weeks.

Treatment of Monkeypox:-

The smallpox vaccine can be used to reduce the risk of thai disease. Tecovirimat is approved by the European Union and the United States in the treatment of monkeypox. 

The cases around the world are close to 100 and the outbreak has happened in parts of Europe, US and Australia. So, the Indian Government is also taking precautionary measures. It is our request to every person who has come from these places, “To please go and test yourself for Monkeypox”. We cannot afford any other outbreak of any scale in our country.