Nuclear Weapons of the India (Indian Armed Forces)

Indias Nuclear Weapons

Guys, we all know that India has nuclear weapons in its arsenal. India has not released any official statements about the size of its nuclear arsenal. But recent estimates suggest that India has 160 nuclear weapons. They have produced enough weapons-grade plutonium for up to 200 nuclear weapons. India has conducted nuclear weapons tests in a pair of series namely Pokhran tests. 

India is a member of three multilateral export control regimes:- The Missile Technology Control Regime, Wassenaar Arrangement and Australia Group. It has signed and ratified the Biological Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention. India is also a subscribing state to the Hague Code of Conduct. 

India previously possessed chemical weapons, but voluntarily destroyed its entire stockpile in 2009. We maintain a “no first use” nuclear policy. India developed a nuclear triad capability as a part of its “Minimum Credible Deterrence” doctrine.

Nuclear weapons of India

India has an estimated amount of 160 nuclear weapons. To carry out a strike we need missiles capable of transferring nuclear weapons.

Here’s the list of missiles that are Nuclear Weapons

NameType Range 
Prithvi-lShort-range ballistic missile150 Km
Prithvi-llShort-range ballistic missile250-350 Km
Prithvi-IIIShort-range ballistic missile.350-600 Km
Agni-lMedium-range ballistic missile700 Km
Shaurya Medium-range ballistic missile700-1900 Km
Agni-PMedium-range ballistic missile1,000-2,000 Km
Agni-llMedium-range ballistic missile2,000-3,000 Km
Agni-lllIntermediate-range ballistic missile3,500-5,000 Km
Agni-lVIntermediate-range ballistic missile4,000 Km
Agni-VIntercontinental ballistic missile5,000-8,000 Km
Agni-VlIntercontinental ballistic missile8,000-12,000 Km
DhanushShort-range ballistic missile350 Km
Sagarika (K-15)Submarine-launched ballistic missile700 Km
K-4Submarine-launched ballistic missile3,500 Km
K-5Submarine-launched ballistic missile5,000 Km
K-6Submarine-launched ballistic missile6,000 Km

Nuclear Weapon Aircrafts 

To deliver them India also needs aircrafts that are capable of holding nuclear weapons. 

India’s first and only nuclear-capable strike force until 2003 were Nuclear-armed fighter-bombers. The Dassault Mirage 2000s and SEPECAT Jaguars of the Indian Air Force are able to provide a secondary nuclear-strike role. The SEPECAT Jaguar is able to carry and deploy nuclear weapons and the Indian Air Force has identified the jet as being capable of delivering Indian nuclear weapons. The most likely delivery method would be the use of bombs that are free-falling and unguided.

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