Only 5% of Indians know about this great seat of learning

Sharda Peetha

Very few people know about this Ancient Indian seat of Learning. Only 5% of Indians know about this revered seat of learning that has been a beacon of knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality. Located in the breathtaking beautiful region of Kashmir, the ancient Indian Sharda Peetha stands as a testament to the rich intellectual and cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent. Read the full article to know about this great place of knowledge as well as spirituality. 

Sharda Peetha

Sharda Peetha

Having the origins which can be dated back to thousands of years this revered seat of learning has been a beacon of knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality. Sharda Peetha, also known as Sharada Peeth, holds great significance in the Hindu tradition. It is considered one of the 18 Maha Shakti Peethas, which are revered as the most sacred shrines dedicated to Shakti -the divine feminine energy. Located in the village of Sharda in the Neelam Valley of illegally occupied Kashmir. This institution has served as a center for advanced learning, attracting scholars, sages, and seekers from far and wide.

One of the distinguishing features of Sharda Peetha was its library. This library housed an extensive collection of ancient manuscripts and texts. Scholars flocked to delve into age-old wisdom in these precious repositories. The library served as a treasure trove of learning and was instrumental in disseminating knowledge to generations of students.


The history of Sharda Peetha can be traced back to ancient times when it flourished as a renowned center of education and spiritual enlightenment. It was believed to have been established by the great philosopher and sage Adi Shankaracharya during the 8th century CE. Over the centuries, it became a prominent destination for scholars and students, offering teachings in various fields, including philosophy, theology, grammar, literature, and the arts.

Sharda Peetha’s fame peaked during Kashmir’s medieval intellectual and cultural hub. Scholars worldwide gathered at Sharda Peetha for knowledge and debates. Sharda Peetha’s campus was a vibrant hub of intellectual activity.

End of Sharda Peetha

Sadly, the glorious era of Sharda Peetha came to an abrupt halt with the arrival of foreign invasions and political upheavals. The institution suffered significant damage and fell into a state of neglect. The library,was pillaged, and its priceless manuscripts dispersed. The echoes of scholarly discussions and spiritual discourses were replaced by the sounds of conflict and strife.

However, despite the adversities it faced, the legacy of Sharda Peetha continued to resonate in the hearts and minds of people. Its ancient teachings and profound spiritual wisdom survived through oral traditions and the collective memory of the local communities. Efforts were made by scholars and historians to preserve the remnants of this intellectual heritage, keeping the flame of knowledge alive.

Revival of Sharda Peetha

In recent times, there has been a renewed interest in reviving and restoring the glory of Sharda Peetha. Various cultural and academic organizations have initiated projects aimed at revitalizing the ancient seat of learning. Steps are being taken to reconstruct and refurbish the campus, preserve and digitize the surviving manuscripts. It will create avenues for academic exchange and dialogue.

The revival of Sharda Peetha promises to preserve India’s heritage and promote intercultural understanding. By resurrecting this ancient seat of learning, we can rekindle the spirit of curiosity, exploration, and enlightenment.


Sharda Peetha stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit, which persists in the face of adversity, to safeguard and preserve knowledge and wisdom. As we embark on this journey of revival, let us pay homage to the ancient Indian seat of learning. It has inspired generations and continues to beckon us to discover the boundless treasures of the mind and the spirit.

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