Pain Of Kashmiri Pandits

Refugees of Kashmir

India suffered the pain of partition in 1947. Many people of different communities have to migrate from their motherland and live as refugees. 

History of Riots in India

A question arises in mind: Can anyone be a refugee in their own country ? 

So we tried to inspect other cases of refugees in India.

We found the heartbreaking real story of Kashmiri Pandits.

We might have thought that the migration is a scenario, where people leave their motherland in search of a better life.

But what happened in Kashmir cannot be imagined. A whole community was thrown out of Kashmir on the basis of their religion. 

This is the case of Kashmir :-

In the early 1990s the population of Kashmiri pandits was around 1,20,000-1,40,000.

Then in July 1988, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) began a sepearatist insurgency to separate Kashmir from India.

They began their attack on 14 September 1989, and killed Tika Lal Taploo in front of many eyewitnesses but they were ever caught. 

After that, Neelkanth Ganjoo was shot to death on 4 November 1989, soon after he sentenced Maqbul Bhat to death.

The death of prominent members filled the hearts of Hindu’s with fear and the threatening message of Aftab to leave the Kashmir valley immediately issued in a newspaper made people more frightened. 

Death of Kashmiris

The threats to hindu’s were increasing day by day, posters with threatening messages were also pasted  on the house of hindus. Houses, shops, factories and temples were burnt down by the militants. On 25 January 1990, Four Indian Air Force Personnel were killed and another 10 IAF personnel were injured. 

Even when the 40 rounds of bullets were fired nearby, Jammu and Kashmir Armed Police didn’t come to the rescue. 

Many more Kashmiri pandits were killed and the government of Farooq Abdullah didn’t do anything to help them. 

Moreover he resigned just before the incident took place. Was it a coincidence or a planned resignation so that there would be no one to order the forces to rescue the Hindus? 

Do you wanna know the results of this forced migration ?

Around 90,000-1,00,000 Hindus fled from the Kashmir valley and until now they are living as refugees in their own country.

The ray of hope came to the Kashmiri pandits after the abolition of Article 370, which gave Kashmir the special status.

We hope that the Hindus will be reestablished in the valley and justice will be served.