Pearl, Bring pleasure of mind and feeling of accomplishment


Provide strength and peace to mind

Improve bonding between marriage couple

Brings good  fortune and neutralize negative effect


White pearl is the gemstone of Planet Moon. This is known as Moti in Hindi. Planet Moon is closest to earth and its effect is more than any planet present in horoscopes. Therefore we must be intrigued more about Planet Moon than any other planet. If the planet Moon is beneficial then native will be happy in any adverse situation.

Who Can Wear Pearl?

However Planet Moon is auspicious and no negative effect appears to the wearer, but sometimes native show their effect profoundly. Like, if Planet Moon is lord of 1st, 4th, 5th and 9th house or Planet Moon related to these houses then you can wear a Pearl.

If in the birth chart the moon is exalted or present in benefic house but afflicted. Then to a strong Planet Moon you can wear a Pearl.

Wearing pearls is also beneficial for Antardasha and Mahadasha.

If native is engaged in work related to water (except acid and bases). Engage in professions like Navy, Petroleum, water department, dairy, fruit, flower etc. Wearing Pearl will be more profitable related to the above profession.

Those who want to achieve higher posts in Psychology, Nursing should wear Pearl Gemstone. Those women, who want to get selected higher post, be a part administrative work they should wear Pearl Gemstone.

If native is suffering from heart, lung, low blood count, high blood pressure, insomnia, asthma, kidney stone, destitution, cynics or menstruation then wearing Pearl Gemstone surely benefits them.

This gemstones impart mental peace to the native, they can mold  themselves in any condition and always be happy.

How to wear:

Natural Pearl is white or sometime pale in colour. South sea pearl is the best. Wearing South sea Pearl 6-7 ratti in silver ring is very beneficial for the native. This ring is wear in little finger. this stone also wears as a pendant.

Pearl Ring

Right time to wear this gemstone is after sunset. If someone is able to watch panchang, then wearing in Rohini constellation or shrawan constellation after sunset or before sunrise is more auspicious.

Planet Jupiter is a friendly planet to the Moon. Therefore this ring can also be worn on Thursday.

In almost full moon and is present in Taurus, cancer or Pisces zodiac then this ring also advised to wear in ring finger.

Sub stone of Pearl:

Moonstone is advice to wear in place of pearls. It is also called as Godanti in Hindi. Moonstone should wear > 7 ratti in weight. This is also a very effective gemstone.


White Pearl should not be worn with Blue sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite and Cats eye gemstone.

If Moon is placed 3rd, 6th and 8th as lord in the birth chart. And if you are suffering from cough, cold, disease related to cold. Then you should avoid it.

If the moon is placed 6th and 8th house in the birth chart then Planet Moon can make you sick. Then native with these arrangements avoid this gemstones.

Native related to zodiac Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius should avoid this ring.

Availability in Market:

Normally in the market it is available at very low prices which are flattened at one side. This is called freshwater pearl. There is apprehension of their effectiveness. But the incomplete knowledge of people to pearl makes it more popular among the market.

But if you want to harness astrological benefits you should wear South Sea Pearl. It is available around 500 rupees per carat and more effective. Knowledgeable astrologers also tell their native which type of Gemstone they should wear.

Basara pearls are very expensive among all kinds of pearls. Their price depends on their availability.