Know about the protector of India’s Sky

Protector of sky

The protector of India’s Sky is its Indian Air force and now a new member has joined it and made it more powerful, that is an aircraft known as Rafael.

Rafale, a twin jet fighter aircraft, is now in The Indian Air Force. This fighter jet is going to make a significant change in the Air Force as it is a powerful war aircraft ready to eradicate the enemies of our country.It is also referred to as Omnirole aircraft. It is intended to perform air supremacy, can do ground support and can destroy the ships and aircrafts of our enemies.

It was developed by France’s Dassault Aviation.

It is equipped with the latest technology capable of air defense and nuclear strike determent.

It  has a top speed of 1,192 km/h and is equipped with a full range of advanced weapons.

It  has a wide range of smart and discrete sensors.

Rafale’s dimensions are

Wingspan -10.90 m.

Length -15.30 m.

Height -5.30 m.

It  was demonstrated in India in February 2011. In 2016, an agreement with France was signed to get 36 Rafale jets at a cost of 59,000 crore Rupees. 

It’s weight and fuel intensity 

Overall empty weight -10t.

Max. take-off weight -24.5t. 

Internal Fuel capacity -4.7t

External Fuel capacity -6.7t

External Load -9.5t

India received its first Rafale on 29 July 2020. India received 36 Rafale aircrafts until now.

The Indian Rafale is a 4.5 generation aircraft. 

This Omnirole aircraft joined the Indian Air Force. Under the Make In India campaign, Dassault Aviation was working on a joint venture with Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense to build a  hangar at Nagpur Plant.

At first, it was proposed that 18 Rafales would be supplied to The Indian Air Force in 2015 and 108 will be manufactured in India by HAL(Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) by transfer of technology agreements.

But to Dassaults disagreements over production in India the deal was halted. According to Dassault, they cannot take responsibility for the aircrafts made by HAL.

On 30 July 2015, India withdrew the tender and a new tender was signed for 36 Rafale jets between India and France. Dassault chose Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense to make a joint venture and make these aircraft in India. 

Our Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, received the first of the French-made Rafale jets at the Merignac airbase in France. There he performed “Shastra Puja”, a traditional worship of weapons. Rajnath Singh became the first Defence Minister of India to ever fly in Rafale.