Red Coral Gemstone! Who, When and How to wear, complete information

Red Coral

Fear of facing new challenges ?

Difficult to handle people junior to you ? 

Life becomes hopeless and now way is available ? 


Coral is the main gemstone of Planet Mars.This gemstone increases the positive effect of Planet Mars and makes you more tolerable to situations so you can easily handle all problems of your life. 

Native whose horoscope Planet Mars is present in a higher place of making Ruchika conjunction then wearing Coral is also beneficial for them.

If you are suffering from sadhe sati of Lord Saturn then wearing Red Coral is beneficial because Saturn in Mars triangle Zodiac (Aries) is Inferior.  However Mars in the Saturn zodiac (Capricorn) is superior. In this way it gives a positive effect on Sadhe Sati of Lord Saturn.

Who can Wear:

As mentioned above you can wear it if you are suffering from Sadhe Sati or Dhayia of Lord Saturn. This will have a positive effect on Lord Saturn.

Work related with Army, Police, Forces, Para Military forces, Land, Agriculture, Building, Arms and ammunitions, operation, fire and things related to them, then you should definitely wear Coral gemstone.

Apart from this if you are suffering from disease related Heart, Lung, Blood, Muscles, then wearing Coral will definitely help you.

This gemstone removes lethargy for individuals and makes them more energetic. As Mars is a planet of courage, it gives confidence.

Red coral protects you from evil eyes, nazar dosh and black magic.

How to Wear:

Coral should weigh about at least 5.00 ct. Gold ring is suitable but alloy of yellow metal is also permissable. This ring is best suited for Ring fingers. This ring is worn on Tuesday early morning. Although you can also wear this coral on Sunday, Monday in the Mars constellation. Coral is not very costly so sub-stone is not very popular.

Red Coral

Red Coral can also be worn as a pendant. People who are uncomfortable wearing rings can opt to wear Coral pendants. Effect will be the same as the Coral Ring.

By the way, if you want to wear a sub stone of coral then you can consider Red Haqeeq or Yemani Haqeeq. Weight of Haqeeq not less than 10 Carat.


You should not wear Coral along with emerald, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite, and Cats eye.

Red Coral increases your blood circulation and makes you energetic. If you are short temper, continues facing fever, quarrelsome and having strong sexual desire then you should avoid wearing Red Coral.

Coral should also not be worn by those people who have Mangal Dosha in their birth chart. Apart from that, those people who possess inferior Mars, even if it is a set or antidote, one should avoid wearing coral.

Red Coral in Market:

Italian Red Coral is famous in the market. Commonly they are available around 500/ ratti. But according to their cut, colour and beauty their range goes up to 3500/ ratti.

Japanese Red Coral is also very famous to people. But their price is very much higher than Italian Red Coral.