Rescue operation in Jharkhand’s Trikuta Hills

Rescue operations in Trikuta Hills

Rescue operation is still ongoing to save the people stuck in the Ropeway in Trikuta hills, Deogarh district in Jharkhand. It is a popular tourist spot and close to Baba Baidyanath Temple.

Incident happened on Sunday, when some cable cars collided with one another, resulting in two people’s death, who are not yet identified and several people were injured.

Deoghar Deputy Commissioner Manjunath Bhajantri said that a team of NDRF has been deployed at the scene”.   

Both DC and the Superintendent Of Police are closely monitoring the rescue operations from the spot.

A total of 48 people were stuck there. IAF went to the rescue, after receiving the request to save nearly 50 people on Sunday night. IAF deployed two Mi-17 helicopters to the rescue.

Until now, 43 people have been rescued from 24 cable cars.

On Sunday evening, IAF rescued 11 people.

A woman died due to her injuries after the rescue. 

During Operations, a man fell to death from a helicopter on Monday. 

Man fell during rescue.

Man Fell from Helicopter Video

A total of 15 people are waiting for rescue in 770m ropeway with a steep angle of 44 degrees,

Including an IAF Garud Commando, who stayed to calm the people on the cable car .  

NDRF has made some efforts to provide relief for the people stuck inside by channeling a parallel line and throwing food and water inside but some cable cars have doors opposite to the parallel line as a result they are unable to receive the relief.

The Ropeway manager and other employees fled the scene after the incident. Officials stated that the investigation will be conducted to know about how the incident happened and who is responsible for the incident and they will be punished according to law.