Riots In Independent India

Riots in India

Today the news of stone pelting on Shobha Yatra in Delhi is all over the news.

Riots In India
Jahangirpuri On High Alert

As a student of India, it is very difficult for me to not react to these kinds of riots.

These riots are just stopping the development of our country and spreading hatred in the country.

I thought about how it all started ? Why is even the people of India are throwing stones at each other.

So I searched google and came to know that it is all the result of the invaders who tried to demolish a particular community of India. 

Another reason was the British policy of “Divide and Rule” in which they divided our country in several communities on the basis of caste and religion.

But when all the communities were united they were forced to get out of our country. Even when they were forced to leave they made their final move and provoked Jinnah to divide our country.

The division on the basis of religion made a big gap between the two communities and if the leaders of that time would have handled this situation carefully the partition would have never happened.

Everyone knew that the mastermind was the British as they dont want India to be as powerful as it was before the colonisation.

But the foolishness of Jinnah and the inability to control the situation divided our country.

The partition of India took 2,00,000 lives. It was a large-scale migration in which 10-20 million people migrated from their respective lands.

After this genocide, a seed of hatred started to grow in people and the feeling to protect their religion also grew in both the communities.

After that many riots happened in India so I started to learn about the first major scale riot after the partition of India.

Here’s What I Found Out :-

There’s been almost 80 riots in Independent India.

Names Of The RiotsNumber of Deaths
Ramnad Riots (1957)38
Hindu Sikh Riots (1966)14
Ranchi-Hatia Riots (1967)184
Gujarat Riots (1969)512
Worli Riots (1974)1
Moradabad Riots (1980)400
Nellie Massacare (1983)2,191
Bhiwandi Riots (1984)278
Anti Sikh Riots (1984)3,350-17,000
Gujarat Riots (1985)275
Jammu Kashmir Riots (1986)Unknown
Meerut Communal Riots (1987)346
Delhi Riots (1987)8-15
Aurangabad Violence (1988)26
Muzaffarnagar (1988)37
Jammu Anti Sikh Riots (1989)15
Bombay Riots (1989)11
Kota Rajasthan Violence (1989)26
Karnataka Bidar Riots (1989)14
Badaun Violence (1989)24
Indore Violence (1989)23
Bhagalpur Violence (1989)1000+
Kashmir Violence (1989)200-1,341
Gujarat Violence (1990)12
Colonelganj Violence (1990) 100
Karnataka Violence (1990)46
Rajasthan Violence (1990)50
Ayodhya firing incident (1990)60+
Hyderabad Violence (1990)200+
Aligarh Riots (1990)11+
Kanpur Riots (1990)20
Agra Riots (1990)22
Gonda Riots (1990)Unknown
Khurja Violence (1990)96
Bhadrak Riots (1991) 33
Saharanpur Violence (1991) 40+
Kanpur Violence (1991) 20
Meerut Violence (1991) 30
Varanasi Violence (1991) 20
Anti-Tamil Violence In Karnataka (1991)16
Sitamarhi Violence (1992)65
Surat (1992)200+
Bombay Riots (1992) 250
Karnataka (1992)30
Kanpur (1992)254
Assam (1992)90+
Rajasthan (1992)60
Calcutta (1992)35
Bhopal (1992)175
Delhi (1992)53
Bombay Riots (1993) 1500
Hubli (1994)6
Coimbatore Riots (1997)60
Gujarat Riots (2002)2000+
Mau (2005)14
Lucknow (2005)4
Vadodara Riots (2006)8
Christmas violence in Kandhamal (2007)Unknown
Kandhamal Violence (2008)39-90
Indore Riots (2008)8
Assam Violence (2012)77+
Canning Riots (2013)Unknown
Mazaffarnagar Riots (2013)62
Saharanpur Riots (2014)3
Nadia Riots (2015)4
Kaliachak Riots (2016)Unknown
Coimbatore Riots (2016)Unknown
Dulagarh Riots (2016)Unknown
Baduria Riots (2017)Unknown
Northern India Riots (2017)41+
Bihar Riots (2018)No Deaths
Delhi riots (2020)53
Bangalore Riots (2020)5
Assam Eviction Violence (2021)2
Shivmogga Riots (2022)No Deaths